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Video 6: The EU Referendum

European Union ("EU")

The Referendum.


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1. What is the EU?

Read the EU's quite note on what it is[I].

The EU is based on the rule of law: everything that it does is founded on treaties, voluntarily and democratically agreed by all member countries. These binding agreements set out the EU's goals in its many areas of activity.


2. "Democratically agreed by all member countries?

Let's have a look at Democratically agreed shall we?

Here's Ireland in 2009 when it rejected the Treaty of Lisbon.

a)   BBC: Ireland rejects EU reform treaty[ii].

b)   Telegraph: Ireland says 'No' to Treaty of Lisbon - and 'No' say all of us[iii]

c)   Irish Independent: Revealed: why we voted 'No' to Lisbon[iv]


The Irish people were asked to amend Ireland's constitution to ratify the Lisbon Treaty. The referendum failed by a margin of 53.4% to 46.6%, with a turnout of 53.1%[v].

So, the Irish said no. The democratic EU demanded they re-run the referendum because they had not done it correctly[vi].  The EU had done a survey to find out why people had said no[vii].

Here's Nigel Farage discussing the democratically EU[viii] (that was sarcasm). I would very much recommend that you watch and listen carefully as Nigel Farage talks about the Lisbon Treaty[ix].


3. What is the Lisbon Treaty?

This was an  important  treaty aimed at unifying much of the EU and to amend the original Treaty and thus the constitution of the EU.



The Treaty of Lisbon (initially known as the Reform Treaty) is an international agreement which amends the two treaties which form the constitutional basis of the European Union (EU). The Treaty of Lisbon was signed by the EU member states on 13 December 2007, and entered into force on 1 December 2009.


4. Why is the Lisbon Treaty Important?

Generally, this was one of the largest changes to the EU and which impacts upon us today.

Of importance to those of us who wish to leave the EU is the new Article 49A created by the Lisbon Treaty[xi].  This article requires the EU to negotiate a trade agreement with any party that leaves the EU.  Those who want to vote "Stay In The EU" will tell us all the horror we face if we leave the EU because all of our trade is with the EU. Rubbish. If we leave, the EU loses too much to stop or reduce the trade with Britain. See, for example, the report backed by Boris Johnson[xii] and the majority of the Government's Cabinet (there are no members of the cabinet that are 100% pro EU[xiii]).


5. What is happening with the referendum?

On 2nd June 2009 David Cameron, as the leader of the opposition, demanded that people demand an EU referendum from Gordon Brown (the bloke that used to be chancellor of the exchequer  -  I think he may have been PM for a few days)[xiv]. He says in this video that the Lisbon Treaty removed the UK's veto in 60 areas and saw too much power taken  from the UK and given to the EU.  Following the May 2015 election, David Cameron has said he will seek to renegotiate the UK's membership of the EU[xv]. So important is this issue that Nigel Farage  has  stopped  all  Party  work  and  is  instead  only  concerned  with  the  referendum question[xvi]. I think the majority of party activists are absolutely 100% behind him on this.


6. When is the Referendum?

Some say October 2016, some say it is likely 2017. We do know that the Tories tried pulling a  fast  one  by  amending  the  rules  regarding  purdah[xvii]-  which  is  the  period  following  the calling of an election or referendum within which the Government cannot interfere. Had they succeeded  the  Tories  would  no  doubt  have  waited  until  they  had  really  good  and  helpful news, call a  snap referendum (which is why Farage has stopped party work  -  he expects a snap  referendum)  and  would  have  continued  misleading  the  public.   They  failed  in  this disgraceful attempt[xviii].


7. Who should I join if I wish to campaign against staying in the EU?

First, read the report by the EU that say what it intends to do in the future[xix]. That should get you riled up.  Then:

1. Join UKIP[xx]. Stand as a council candidate[xxi].

2. Join any of the following groups:-

2.1 Better Off Out[xxii]

2.2 Say No To EU (UKIP)[xxiii]

2.3 Get Britain Out[xxiv]

2.4 Campaign for an Independent Britain[xxv]

2.5 Vote Leave[xxvi] - I am a member of this group


3. Other political parties that are eurosceptic parties but not as big as UKIP:

3.1 Referendum Party[xxvii]

3.2 Populist Party UK[xxviii]

3.3 We Demand a Referendum Now Party[xxix]

3.4 No2EU[xxx]


4. The Vote Stay campaigns:



Video: Part 1 of 2: The EU Referendum























Video: Part 2 of 2: The EU Referendum

































See page 42/43:






see EU referendum: "Farage to prioritise exit campaign over Ukip"














No, I am not joking. It was formed by a former UKIP MEP.




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