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Video 4: The Labour Party & Their BNP & Sexual Deviant Candidates

During the May 2015 general election my labour opponent told me one day that UKIP has some very odious people in it. It is true, there are some. However, with the allegations of racism that abounded, mainly coming from Labour and the trade unions, it seemed very hypocritical. UKIP has an automatic ban on any ex BNP members joining - something Labour seem to forget. They have had so many politicians imprisoned for deviant behaviour and a whole host of other criminal behaviour. So, I did a video about it, just to set the record straight.


The resources for this are substantial, however I thought it essential hat I reference all statements. Below are the links, but the document you can download has comments on it. I must apologise that I have used BBC news and Manchester Evening News website as resources. I do not like using sources that show or exhibit bias, but unfortunately on a few occasions one must use them as a resource.


I can confirm that within hours of them going up someone had reported Part 2, so I had to slightly edit it and put it back up.  Fortunately, that appears not to have caused any further problems.


Video 1: Episode 4 (Part 1 of 2) Labour Party & Its BNP Candidates
























Video 2: Episode 4 Part 2 Labour Candidates & Deviants























David  Sylvester.   UKIP  councillor  who  said  that  his  god  caused  the  2013/14  floods  were caused  by  marriage  rights  in  the  UK  were  made  equal  regardless  of  sexuality.   He  gave UKIP a  bad name. He lost his seat spectacularly in 2015[1]. Needless to say, UKIP kicked him out of the party in 2014 for his stupid comments[2].


Then  Lynton Yates,  the UKIP  candidate that said that disabled people on benefits should be banned from driving[3].  Thankfully he was not elected[4].


Then, the horror story. Robert Blay, who stood for the North East Hampshire constituency. He was filmed making the most repulsive racist bullsh!t imaginable[5]. He even threatened to shoot his conservative rival  if he ever became Prime Minister because (bizarre) his family history had not been in England for long enough, despite that his conservative rival had been born  in  the  UK.   Thankfully,  he  was  a)  not  elected[6]and  b)  immediately  kicked  out  of  the party.


Then  the  straw  that  broke  the  camel's  back.   Kim  Rose,  who  was  standing  as  the  UKIP candidate  for  Southampton  Itchen,  was  questioned  by  police  because  he  had  served sausage rolls at an event[7]. Yes, providing food to members of the public is illegal (it's called treating). The party never recovered from this scandal.  He came third on polling day.


List of councillors

1.  Maureen Stowe. Elected as BNP councillor 2003[8], she joined the Labour Party  June 2004, but remained on the council as an independent. She passed away May 2012[9].

2.  Trevor Maxfield. Was the BNP’s Blackburn with Darwen branch organiser[10]. Joined Labour  2010  and  stood  as  Labour  councillor  2011  to  fight  the  Darwen’s  Earcroft ward, which he won with 43.1% of the vote[11]. He won again in 2015[12].  So happy were Labour to take this BNP branch organiser that they made him the town Mayor of Darwen[13]

3.  Robert Fraser  Labour  county  councillor was fined by Labour for saying  "stick a knife in  you  as  soon  as  look  at  you"  and  some  Europeans  "make  the  Irish  look  like complete amateurs"[14].  He came last in the 2015 election[15].

4.  Teresa Aldred 2015 labour candidate for, was previously seen in a BNP video  celebrating with BNP members[

6].  The former head goon of BNP, Nick G, was in the video also.  A photo of her also appears on the BNP website[17].  She is alleged to have made a facebook post in 2013 saying she would vote BNP. She was elected as Labour councillor for the Thurncourt ward on Leicester City Council in May 2015[18].

5.  Margaret Burke was elected as a councillor in 2014 for Milton Keynes. Ms Burke and her ex husband ran a Nazi group and had Hitler as their idol[19]. They ran the Milton Keynes November 9th Society[20]. She was elected as the Stantonbury ward Labour councillor in 2014[21].  When she selected by Labour in 2012 the tories wrote to Harriet Harmon to say it was rank hypocrisy[22]. Needless to say, Labour were not moved by this and Ms Burke continued on as a Labour Nazi elected official.


2. Labour & Its Criminals.

1.  William Straw, son of Jack Straw, was cautioned for selling cannabis[23]. He's a drug dealer. Labour had him standing in Rossendale & Darwen[24] - the place with a former BNP councillor as its mayor, as the Labour Parliamentary candidate.  The MP hopeful received  backing  from  ex  BNP  organiser  Trevor  Maxfield,  which  damaged  him slightly in 2013[25].  This is Mr Straw with a racist group in 2014[26].  He came second with a very credible 17,193 votes. Conservative Jake Berry won with 22,847 votes[27].

2.  Councillor Brian Gate: The head of children’s welfare at Harrow Council has quit after being  arrested  on  suspicion  of  possessing  child  pornography[28].  Councillor  Brian Gate,  57  and  a  father  of  two,  who  was  the  council’s  cabinet  member  for  children, schools  and  families  was  arrested  at  his  home  last  month  by  Scotland  Yard detectives  and  accused  of  possessing  indecent  images  of  children.  He  allegedly received a caution and quite his post[29].

3.  Labour  councillor  (for  Fallowfield,  Manchester)  David  Royle  was  arrested  in September  2015  for  alleged  rape  and  sexual  offences  against  a  young  boy[30].  His mobile number, if you want it, is 07508 036 024[31].

4.  Labour councillor (for  Nelson’s Clover Hill ward on Pendle Council) faces prison after admitting child sex offences[32].    He was arrested in November 2014 but not charged until July 2015. The Tories claim there was a cover-up at Pendle Council[33].  He was due  to  be  sentenced  on  28  September  2015,  but  I  cannot  find  any  references  to Burnley Crown Court sending him down.  He lives at 84 Waidshouse Road Nelson BB9 0RZ Tel: 07805 374619.

5.  Terry Brooks Labour councillor (for) was  the cabinet member for public protection  at Thurrock Council. He was sacked from his cabinet post in July. he was arrested for child porn offences in August[34]. The investigation is  on-going.  He resigned or was removed  from  Thurock  Council  on  5th  August  2015  having  been  elected  16th

October 2014[35].  He lives at 5 Palmers Drive, RM17 5RA.

6.  Rochdale  Labour  councillor  until  2014,  Jonathan  Burns,  was  arrested  for  child  sex offences. He hanged himself days after being released on bail[36].

7.  Simon Carter  I think is the vilest of them all. He was  a Labour Councillor on Bury Council  for the Tottington ward[37] from June 2012 until he was removed in September 2015[38].   He  has  admitted  16  counts  of making  indecent  images  of  children[39].   It  is alleged the pictures showed scenes of children being raped.  The disgusting pervert was  not  jailed.   He  was  sentenced  to  a  three-year  community  order,  a  three-year supervision  requirement,  complete  a  programme  for  sex  offenders,  is  subject  to  a sexual  offences  prevention  order  and  must  sign  the  sex  offenders’  register  for  five years[40].


So, you see, Labour is a party filled with racists and perverts. They have no right to cast aspersions on UKIP candidates simply because the party may have some members who are less  than  likeable.   The  Labour  Party,  as  with  all  parties  except  some  minority  parties,  is always going to have people who are odd, perverts, criminals and simply disgusting people.


The above is simply a short look at Labour and perverts. There are substantially more  in terms of candidates convicted of fraud[41], violence, electoral fraud[42], arson[43]and, of course, with expenses fraud[44].


























































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