2016 Council Elections

Val Bayley-Sanderson: Longford Ward

05/05/2016 results: Val came fourth with 214 votes.





Val Bayley-Sanderson


Longford Ward





2016 Manifesto:



Main issues of contention:


  • Loss of transport for children in Trafford at special schools;
  • Reduced budget for Trafford;
  • Future Carrington development by HIMOR;
  • Failure of openness by Trafford Council;
  • Failure of Conservative councillors to care for the most vulnerable in the borough;


What you need to know about Val:


Val lives in Trafford and works in central Manchester.  Val is married to Mike, the Chairman of UKIP Stretford & UrmstonVal, along with her husband Mike, is a Christian and both enjoy supporting Stockport County. They have two grown up sons with families of their own. Val enjoys badminton, reading and spending time with family.


Val thinks that Trafford needs new and more dynamic treatment.  Trafford as a whole has been the political football of the Conservatives and Labour for far too long.  Val wants the people of Trafford and the people of Longford ward especially, to vote for UKIP, the refreshing alternative voice of the people.  In 2016 Val's nomination as a Council Candidate means that the people of Longford have a real and democratic alternative to vote for - UKIP.


Val intends being critical of how Labour has attempted to lead Trafford historically, and how little Labour has done for the entire region.  Labour has been letting the people down since the 1960s, and lost its way in the 1980s.  Tony Blair finally killed off Labour's name as a party for and about the people.  UKIP is the only party fully fighting to let us leave the EU and UKIP is the only party that is not beholden to big business.


If you want the democratic alternative, vote for Val Bayley-Sanderson on 5 May 2016.






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