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2017: Episode 7: Unite The Union Hypocrisy

Get Reked Wednesdays: Len McCluskey the Fat Hypocritical Bastard

[Yes, I know, it's a few days late - or early!!]


In 2011 Unite The Union leader Len McClusky said the following[1]:


“It is…crucial that the culture at HMRC changes so that it clamps down on tax avoidance”


In March 215 he said the following[2]:


“Good government should do everything possible to protect  taxpayer funded public services like the NHS from companies with links to tax havens. But the Tory government’s warped Health and Social Care Act has opened up the door to private companies with dubious tax arrangements.

“Despite the NHS being under huge financial strain the coalition government is behaving like an accomplice to private companies with  tax avoidance structures in place."


So many people would agree with the sentiment.  The problem is, there is such hypocrisy in what he is saying that it is actually disgusting.


Unite The Union funds Labour.


Unite the Union Donations.  Donations are reported quarterly, so I took the last 12 months of donations from the first date showing (24 March 2017)[3].  This obviously does not include the general election, but does include the EU Referendum.  Unite The Union paid £3,096,011.47 to Labour for the one year period ending 24/03/2017.


24/03/2017 £1,634.23

21/03/2017 £30,000.00

21/03/2017 £623,014.15

28/02/2017 £1,554.00

01/01/2017 £1,500.00

31/12/2016 £16,252.98

21/12/2016 £417,609.00

29/11/2016 £4,760.00

05/10/2016 £1,000.00

30/09/2016 £16,252.98

29/09/2016 £406,275.00

20/09/2016 £4,150.00

01/09/2016  £750.00

01/08/2016 £1,000.00

01/08/2016 £6,000.00

12/07/2016 £20,000.00

11/07/2016 £21,856.15

01/07/2016 £1,500.00

30/06/2016  £16,252.98

17/06/2016 £759,227.00

01/06/2016 £1,000.00

01/06/2016 £1,000.00

30/05/2016 £1,500.00

05/05/2016 £1,000.00

03/05/2016 £1,000.00

02/05/2016  £1,647.24

02/05/2016 £1,800.00

30/04/2016 £1,962.72

30/04/2016 £641.00

29/04/2016 £897.00

14/04/2016 £2,000.00

12/04/2016 £20,000.00

07/04/2016 £1,880.50

07/04/2016 £1,392.00

03/04/2016 £1,000.00

01/04/2016 £1,000.00

31/03/2016 £5,417.66

31/03/2016 £20,000.00

24/03/2016 £1,000.00

24/03/2016 £1,000.00

24/03/2016 £677,284.88

24/03/2016 £1,000.00


Total: £3,096,011.47


So what do we know from their accounts[4]?  They seem to be very free and easy with the cash when it comes to the Labour Party - they must have a massive income, which necessarily means they must be paying an absolute fortune in tax.  Well, you'd think, right?


Year          Income                   Tax                   Surplus

2012[5]      £154,955,000        £0.00                £2,413,000

2013[6]      £157,151,000        £0.00                £19,505,000

2014[7]      £160,992,000        £1,000,000       £27,450,000

2015[8]      £165,424,000        £1,200,000       £34,856,000


Totals   £638,522,000.00         £2,200,000       £84,224,000.00



£2.2m tax on £638.5m income is an effective tax rate of 0.3445% a year.  And no, I do not have the decimal place in the wrong place.  Remember, that is only the figures that made it in to the annual returns.  We have no idea how much was not declared.


For two years they paid less tax than a part time cleaner at Unite HQ.  Substantially less tax.  Overall, they pay less tax than any commercial outfit I have ever seen.  And they are quite free and easy with splashing the cash - now you know why.


And Len McCluskey has the bare faced cheek to try and suggest that HMRC should do something about tax dodgers - suggesting that the Tories are somehow causing tax avoidance or helping it along when all the time it is the Unions that are worse than anyone.


Tax paid over 4 years: £2.2m.  Labour donations over one year: £3,096,011.47


Who are the fat cats Len?  I would say it's you, you fat hypocritical bastard.




[1] The guardian 21 December 2011 Tax avoidance must become taboo



" It is imperative that the UK's political and business culture changes so that rich individuals and corporations treat tax avoidance as taboo. It is also crucial that the culture at HMRC changes so that it clamps down on tax avoidance. If this were the norm, the UK could raise sufficient income to protect the services currently under threat from cuts, set an international standard for tax justice, and make progress towards achieving equality in the UK and around the world."


[2] Unite The Union press release 22 March 2015 " Tax avoidance ‘at the very core’ of firms bidding for major NHS contracts, Unite reveals"


[3] Electoral Commission database with search for "Unite"


[4] Unite The Union annual returns


[5] 2012 Accounts for Unite The Union


[6] 2013 Accounts for Unite The Union


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[8] 2015 Accounts for Unite The Union




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