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2017: Episode 10:

Unison Pays £0.00 Tax

I ended up publishing this a few days early due to the tax avoidance scandal in the press.


Unison, the tax dodging bastards


I recently did a video about tax paid (or not paid) by Unite the Union[6].  This is my video on Unison.


Unison in 2012 had 1,265,825 members in 2012, broken down as 291,380 male members in GB and 974,445 female members.  If I were to use SJW logic that would make Unison a very, very sexist organisation. Thankfully I am not an SJW.


In 2012 they had total income of £173,107,000[1].  £173 million.  Wow.  They must have paid an absolute fortunate into Government coffers.  Given how much they demand from the Government I would imagine they would have very willingly paid their fair share of tax, you know, like the rest of us do.  Well, believe it or not, on that £173.1 million of income in one year they paid a grand total of £0.00 in tax.  Yes, not one single copper penny was paid over to those fascists in Government.  Unison kept it all to themselves.  Why on earth should they contribute to the NHS being run properly?  Unions use accountants, not doctors, they should therefore be exempt from having to help pay for things like the NHS.


OK, maybe they had such exorbitant outgoings that they just could not afford to pay any tax?  Nope.  Their total outgoings were £185.04 million. They had a deficit of £11.9m, but had £82 million in their account. That gave them an account balance of £70 million.  Just short of £70 million in cash kicking round their slush funds, why on earth would we make them pay tax on that?


With benefits their General Secretary got £121,000 salary in 2012.


2013 saw roughly the same allegedly sexist numbers for members[2].  Their income had gone up to £168,565,000 (the poor dears, how on earth will they survive?)  How much did they pay in tax for 2013 I hear you ask. £0.00. So little was it that they could not even be bothered to put the 0 there, they just left it blank (the picture above shows the figure for depreciation and below it a big fat nothingness.  They had expenses of £147.9 million, leaving a profit of £20.5 million. No tax.


2014 again saw roughly the same membership figures[3].  Income was £168.8 million, so slightly up on 2013.  However, expenditure was £195.3 million, creating a deficit of £26.5 million, but they had £90 million in their account, leaving £60 million.  Tax, as you would expect, was £0.00 again.  Unison donated just £2,805,315.53 to Labour that year (£1.3 million in 2013 and £2.18 million in 2015). One payment alone, on 17/10/2014, was for £1,384,288.76.


So, in 2012, 2013 and 2014 e have seen income of £510,472,000 and a grand total of £0.00 paid. Doesn't that just make you sick?


2015 saw a bumper year for Unison[5].  Their income was now £201,724,000 (running total is now £712,196,000 if you're keeping count).  They had total expenditure of £161 million. And yes, you have guessed it.  Total taxation of precisely £0.00, again.  Remember this when you see them bleating on about how they demand that the Government put more money into things like the NHS.  If Unison paid tax at a rate like the rest of us, think of what the Government could do?  Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely no doubts at all that the tax avoidance measures employed by Unison are totally legal - I am suggesting in any way that they have skirted the law.  But seriously, income of three quarters of a billion over four years and slush fund profits of over £100 million and they paid not one penny in tax?  It's not the legality, it's the morality of the situation.  The likes of Corbyn and the leaders of the Unions blast the rich for using tax avoidance whilst at the same time not paying any or paying very little tax makes me sick.


2016 accounts for Unision show the same number (ish) of members.  They do not expand very well do they?  Probably because they know their gravy train is guaranteed so why put the hard work in?  Paupers this year - they only raked in £164,487,000, being a grand total 2012 to 2016 of £876,683,000. They had total expenditure of £256 million, leaving a deficit for the year (spending previous years' profits).  Labour got its mitts on £1.89 million.  Total tax paid of £0.00, though that really is not a surprise is it?


So between 2012 and 2016, Unison had a grand total of £876,683,000, with Unite the Union having a grand total income[6] of (£638,522,000.00 + £173,016,000[7] =) £811,538,000, the two together having a grand total income of £1,688,221,000.  Unite paid £2.2 million between 2012 and 2015, and a further tax bill in 2016 of (I am not joking) MINUS £100,000.


So between the two unions we had income of £1.7 billion and a total tax payment of £2.1 million.  What a bunch of hypocrites.


Dave Prentis is the leader of Unison.  He was first elected in 2001.  This hypocrite says the following on tax avoidance in May 2016[8].  Please remember when reading this that his union had income of almost £0.9 billion and paid a total of £0.00 in tax:


"Tackling tax avoidance is something that I’ve always been passionate about.


Avoiding tax is morally wrong, and pulls vital funds away from public services under pressure – not just at home but around the world. I’ve spoken out before on the global failure to tackle tax avoidance – especially from multinationals – and as a public service union, this is an issue that UNISON take incredibly seriously.


Because the less tax that’s collected means that there’s less to spend on already stretched public services, and for the salaries of those who provide them – all whilst the very wealthiest rely on the rest of us to pick up the tab for those same services."



This should make your blood boil.  Two of the biggest Unions, both shovel cash into Labour month in month out, and the leaders of these unions bleat on about demanding more should be done by the Government and also cry out over tax avoidance, yet at the same time run huge slush funds that pay little to no tax at all.  The May 2016 article above from Prentis is particularly galling, given his union has not paid anything into the system used by its members and has the balls to criticise others for doing precisely what he has done and what he has overseen.  Again, as noted above, I have no doubts whatsoever that it is perfectly legal but, as he notes, it is morally wrong.  At least Unite the Union had the sense to pay something in tax, not very much but they did pay it. Then got a tax rebate!!


Total income of Unison & Unit £1.7 billion.  Total Tax Paid (only by Unite the Union) £2.1 million.  Total paid by Unite to Labour 2012-2016: £9,868,720.08.  Total paid by Unite the Union to Labour 2012-2016: £19,329,060.46 giving Labour a total of £29,197,780.54





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