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UKIP Stretford & Urmston was formally constituted in 2015.  UKIP Trafford was the former constituency branch, now this has been reduced to the three constituencies in Trafford.


UKIP Stretford & Urmston has been running under the stewardship of its Chairman, Mike Bayley Sanderson who was voted in (unanimously) as the first Chairman of the branch.  Mike will be providing a blog update on the branch regularly on these pages.


The following pages are available:


UKIP Sretford & Urmston Chairman's Blog


Stretford & Urmston Constituency


UKIP Stretford & Urmston Members Blog


Council Elections


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It is likely that in the forthcoming boundary changes that Stretford & Urmston as a constitutional boundary will also change.  We are prepared for this.


UKIP Stretford & Urmston intends standing candidates in each of the local elections in 2018, 2019 and 2020.  The branch also intends to stand a parliamentary candidate in the 2022 General Election.


Stretford & Urmston is a strong Labour constituency, with parliamentary election results being substantial majorities.  UKIP Stretford & Urmston will be challenging the status quo.  We appeal to those that believe in the working class making decisions that affect their lives.  Labour is in the process of collapsing in and on itself.  This is the only party in the UK that really objects to female leadership candidates.  The Labour Parliamentary Party group now objects to the leader that the members voted in.  The suggestions on-line are that Labour will simply set up a new Parliamentary Group to work against Corbyn when he wins the leadership contest.  Remember, had David Miliband won the leadership, you would likely have a Labour Party Government right now.  But the Unions wanted someone they thought they could control.


UKIP Stretford & Urmston is open to anyone who wishes to join.  The branch is a good mix of people, and meetings are always enjoyable.


UKIP Stretford & Urmston intends supporting local candidates, local people and local businesses.  If you want to contact us, contact this website or join our facebook group:


Please do feel free to contact us.  We would be happy to meet you for a coffee if you would rather meet before coming to a meeting.  If you would prefer to just support us financially, then please get in touch and we can make arrangements.




UKIP Stretford & Urmston is a fully constituted branch of the UK Independence Party (UKIP).  Mike Bayley-Sanderson is the branch chairman.  All material on this part of the website is copyright UKIP Stretford & Urmston 2016/17.