Tumour Blog

This will be, thankfully, my last up-date.


As you may know, I fell out with the hospital, which was unfortunate, but Central Manchester NHS was really awful.  So, my GP transferred me to other hospitals.  I got very, very ill and I and my GP thought something really bad had happened.  I had a new set of scans.  I got the news today (Sunday 24 December 2017 because I never went and picked the post up from yesterday until today).  My neurologist says that a) the eye tumour has gone and b) there is no new tumour causing these new symptoms.


I am ecstatic, to say the least.  I have no idea what has been causing these new symptoms, but they are not connected with anything to do with my eye or anything new growing up there.  Whatever it is it's p!ssing me off (and it has done some weird shit) but it is not the nasty tumour.  Because of what had been happening, I started to think the worst that a new tumour was growing.  My GP thought it sounded bad. My neurologist did too - though he thought it was something not as bad as I was thinking :)  But none of that.  There is no tumour showing, none.  Nothing.


so, this is my last update.  I hope I never have to update this again.


This site goes back to campaign mode in January, so this will only be up a couple of weeks or so and it will then disappear - hopefully forever.


Happy Christmas, and I hope 2018 is as good to you as it is obviously going to be for me :D




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