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On 9 August 2016 I looked at a CT Scan of my head.  Surrounding my right eye, above it and well below, was a large mass.  It has eaten away most of the bone there.  It was pushing my eye ball out of my head.  It apparently has been there a while.  It starts in the right side of my brain, connects down to the eye and goes across my sinus.  As at Christmas 2016 it has now covered my right sinus so I can't breath.  The pain is awful.  I am positive 99% of the time, though I do have the occasional outburst of anger or tears or breaking down.  The pain is really what makes it worse, but the destitute NHS services makes it even worse.  The tumours have also caused a number of blood clots in my left leg and in both lungs, so I have to inject heparin every day, and I really do not like that.  Right now I am treated with drugs as radiation might burst my eye ball, but if it gets worse or it becomes more dangerous I might get a mix of radiation and/or chemo.


This blog series is intended to record what happens as I go through the process of trying to get the tumour reduced and removed.  I am very positive.  There is no point in having a drama about it.  It's there, tears and anger won't change that.  Much better to pull my socks up and get on with the process of dealing with it.  I did try 15 minutes of crying, but the surgeon confirmed that it did not do anything to reduce or remove the tumour.  So, I will not be doing that again.  I should add, if you're coming here to offer sympathy I am afraid you've come to the wrong place.  It's a tumour.  I don't need sympathy, and I do not intend having an emotional break-down over it.  I am, instead, more interested in ensuring that it is dealt with in the most appropriate way and if I can offer you some insights, then all the better.


Blog 10 - new biopsy news HERE


29/03/2017: Been a while with no update, so am updating - but it is the usual - awaiting new developments with a new biopsy planned for 19 April 2017.



Blog 9 - 2016 Round Up HERE


30/12/2016 - quick round up of everything that has happened and what the plan is for 2017.


Blog 8 Things Happening HERE


10/12/2016: Have now started seeing the hospital again, and some positive steps have been taken.  I think this was a very happy & successful week.


Blog 7: Update: What's Been Happening HERE


27/11/2016: I have fallen out of the hospital appointment system, I now have blood clots and I have given up trying to pretend that things are good - they are not.  The NHS is a shambles and they cannot cope with the numbers of people they have to deal with.


Blog 6: More Tests HERE


25/09/2016: I have had the results of CAT scan and a Pet Scan.  They want a new biopsy.  I am pretty pissed off.


Blog 5: Awaiting more news HERE


03/09/2016: Another week and another appointment.  We will know what we are dealing with at the appointment on Wednesday next week.  We now know that we have B Symptoms, which is bad news.  Being positive though.


Blog 4 HERE


28/08/2016: Found out the tumour is malignant.  It appears to be very susceptible to treatment, with a very high survivability statistic.  Positive news and some less than positive news.  But holding up well.


Blog 3.  HERE No News as yet.


17 August 2016: I had my appointment with the eye hospital.  They confirmed the tumour is not "highly aggressive" but we will not have a full diagnosis until next week.


Blog 2 HERE

 14 August 2016: realised I did not really set out what happened when I first realised it was a brain tumour or what was said to me, and my reaction, on being told I had a brain tumour.  I also look at my over-all reaction for the last two weeks - and question why i have not had a negative reaction to it all.


Blog 1 HERE


12 August 2016.  I have just got back home after having my tumour biopsied.  I'm a bit sore, but thought this would be a good time to record this for recollection at a later date.


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