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Below are links to the Treasury Select Committee evidence sessions in which discussions take place in regards to the UK's membership of the EU.  They are fascinating and you are able to look at the true facts behind this complex question.  The evidence shows why a one line sound bite by the CBI cannot be taken on face value.  If you would prefer to watch the evidence, click to the TV page.



11. Evidence Wednesday 23 March 2016  [This is the Boris Johnson video]

Download the transcript HERE


10.  Evidence Tuesday 8 March 2016

Download the transcript HERE


9.  Evidence Wednesday 2 March 2016

Download the transcript HERE


8. Evidence Tuesday 1 March 2016

Download the transcript HERE


7. Evidence Wednesday 3 February 2016

Download the transcript HERE


6. Evidence: Tuesday 19 January 2016

Download the transcript HERE.


5. Evidence: Wednesday 6 January 2016

Download the transcript HERE


4. Evidence: Tuesday 1 December 2015

Download the transcript HERE


3. Evidence: Tuesday 18 November 2015

Download the transcript HERE


2.  Evidence: Tuesday 3rd November 2015

Download the transcript HERE


1.  Evidence: Tuesday 27th October 2015

Download the transcript HERE


Please note that the transcripts of evidence are supplied under the House of Commons Parliamentary license.  The transcripts are © Parliament.  Please see their licensing terms HERE.


Evidence has been given to the Treasury Select Committee by:


23/03/2016: Boris Johnson MP, Member of Parliament, Mayor of London and Director of Vote Leave.


08/03/2016: Dr Mark Carney, Governor, and Sir Jon Cunliffe, Deputy Governor, Financial Stability, Bank of England


02/03/2016: Lord Rose, Chairman, and Will Straw, Executive Director, Britain Stronger in Europe.


01/03/2016: Lord Hill, EU Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union


03/02/2016: Andrew Bailey, Deputy Governor for Prudential Regulation, Bank of England, and Chief Executive Officer, Prudential Regulation Authority (and shortly to be CEO of the FCA), Tracey McDermott, Acting Chief Executive, Financial Conduct Authority.



19/01/2016: Guy Sears, Interim CEO, The Investment Association, John Barrass, Deputy CEO, The Wealth Management Association, Jiří Król, Deputy CEO, The Alternative Investment Management Association.


06/01/2016: Mark Astaire, Vice Chair, Investment Banking Division, Barclays, James Chew, Group Head of Regulatory Policy and Strategy, HSBC


01/12/2015: Rt Hon George Osborne MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mark Bowman, Director General, International and EU, HM Treasury, Rt Hon George Osborne MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rt Hon Greg Hands MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Clare Lombardelli, Director of Strategy, Planning and Budget, Julian Kelly, Director General, Public Spending and Finance, HM Treasury


18/11/2015: John Mills, Chairman, JML Group, and Steve McQuillan, Chief Executive, Avingtrans plc; Mike Cherry, Policy Director, Federation for Small Businesses, Carolyn Frank, Representative from Libby Butler Jewellers, Hugh Bearryman, Representative from TIGHTEN UP, and Lars Andersen, Representative from and Arty Lobster


03/11/15: Michael Dougan, Professor of European Law, Liverpool University Law, Andy Lebrecht, Deputy Permanent Representative to the EU 2008-12, Robin Niblett, Director, Chatham House.


27/10/15: Roger Bootle, Executive Chairman, Capital Economics, Simon Tilford, Deputy Director, Centre for European Reform, Philippe Legrain, Senior Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics European Institute, Professor David Myddelton, former Chairman, Institute of Economic Affairs.





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