2016 Council Elections

Steve Jones for Bucklow St. Martin Ward

05/05/2016 results: Steve came fourth with 290 votes.



Steve Jones



Bucklow St Martins



Taxi Driver


2016 Manifesto:



Letter to Voters from Steve Jones,

Council Candidate for Bucklow St Martins


For than 40 years I have lived in this ward, Bucklow St Martins. I have worked as a private hire driver for 20 years.


Like you I have watched what has been done and continues to be done by other political parties in this ward and surrounding wards and I am not impressed.  Rather than complain about it, I intend doing something about it.


I joined UKIP because I believe that together with you we can change things, do things better both now and in the future. UKIP gets things done, like forcing the establishment to hold a referendum, and like getting the Labour Party to at last start to address your concerns over border control and immigration.  Look at the statistics of other UKIP councillors.  They have the highest attendance and voting record of all of the parties.  I will be as attentive if elected.


UKIP is different to all other parties; we are the only party that wants to end the relentless march towards a Federal Europe, only we want to make our MEPS redundant and to stop the bloated bureaucrats putting their noses further into the EU trough and stop the "jobs for the boys" gravy train that is the EU.


We want to put the British people first,they want change and they know only UKIP is prepared to bring about that change.


What you get nationally you will get locally. We will work hard and listen to your genuine concerns. We are watching the exciting development at Carrington. Exciting for whom? Developers, estate agents and builders yes but what are local people going get out of this?


More exec houses plus more traffic on the local roads but without measures to combat the already toxic congestion.  More demand on local services such as schools and surgeries but without putting in sufficient infrastructure to deal with what we already have, let alone what we will get.  That is what is being proposed.  I am not against development, I am against the people of Trafford getting second best when, with the right councillors in place, the people of Trafford could get the best in terms of developing what is already here and added to that, not ignoring what is already a problem and adding to that problem.


Will you get affordable housing and will the developers employ local labour? Promises were made about local jobs at the paper mill when it was built: how is that going?


No plans, we suspect. will be detailed until after the elections. Timing is everything. But don't worry: UKIP will be vigilant to get as much benefit to the local area and people as possible.  I, as your candidate, am not beholden to anyone or any business.  I would have you, the voter, as my boss and not the corporates who provide funding to other parties.


Make a change, vote for change on Thursday 5th May. 2016. Your vote can really make a difference.  UKIP is the sensible alternative.


Hope you can use this.



Steve Jones Bucklow St Martins Ward















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