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I make no bones about which reports have been published.  They are what they are.  I hope you find them useful.


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The EU referendum and EU reform

House of Lords European Union Committee

30 March 2016

"We trace the origins of the Government’s negotiating objectives, and consider the degree to which they reflect a consensus within and across the United Kingdom on the advantages and drawbacks of EU membership."


Evidence for the Report:


Lord's EU Committee asks Nicola Sturgeon what her views are on EU membership

December 2015


The referendum on UK membership of the EU: assessing the reform process

 House of Lords European Union Committee

 28 July 2015


EU obligations: UK implementing legislation since 1993

House of Commons Research paper 07092

January 31, 2015

How much UK law implements EU obligations?

This note provides figures for Acts of Parliament and Statutory Instruments from 1993 to 2014 which implement or refer to UK obligations under EU law.


The European Union: a democratic institution?

RESEARCH PAPER 14/25 29 April 2014

House of Commons Research paper:


Evidence of the Payments to the EU:

National Audit Office February 2016 Report into 2014 cost of EU.


Alternatives to membership: possible models for the United Kingdom outside the European Union

by HM Government March 2016


The economic consequences of leaving the EU

The final report of the CER commission on the UK and the EU single market

June 2014




Top 100 EU rules cost Britain £33.3bn

In the latest installment of Open Europe's ongoing Brexit series, we look at the burden of EU regulation on the UK economy, and whether swapping full EU membership for EEA membership, i.e. the 'Norway Option', would be a better way to cut regulatory costs.


43 Broken Promises

Vote Leave March 2016


EU membership and the Bank of England - October 2015


The referendum on UK membership of the EU: assessing the reform process

House of Lords

3rd Report of Session 2015‒16; European Union Committee


New Report – Role of EU membership in UK science and engineering research



European Union Committee

EU Action Plan against migrant smuggling

4th Report of Session 2015-16 - published 3 November 2015 - HL Paper 46


European Union Committee - Third Report

The referendum on UK membership of the EU: assessing the reform process

3rd Report of Session 2015‒16 July 2015


UK Farming's Relationship with the EU - NFU report




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