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October 19, 2015

Staying in Europe could add £58bn a year to the UK economy and bring 790,000 jobs to Britain according to a new independent study commissioned by Britain Stronger in Europe


:: Millions of jobs are linked to our EU membership


As far back as the year 2000, it has been claimed that three million jobs rely directly on our membership of the European Union. The figure was even cited by Nick Clegg during his time as Deputy Prime Minister.


An analysis by Full Fact found that millions of jobs are linked to the EU, but said there is no evidence to show how many would be in jeopardy if we left.


:: Some of Britain's biggest trading partners are in the EU


Some of Britain's largest trading partners - including France and Germany - are in the EU.


More than 50% of our exports go to EU countries, and our membership allows us to have a say over how trading rules are drawn up.


:: It's easier than ever for us to work and travel abroad


Around 1.4 million British people live abroad in the EU, and having membership makes movement around the continent incredibly easy. Driving licences issued in the UK are valid in all EU countries.


:: Crime fighting


The European Arrest Warrant cuts out the need for long and complicated extradition procedures and allows criminals to be brought to justice across the EU.


:: Influence in the world


The EU is the world's biggest market and plays a big role in world trade, climate change issues, development projects and more.


It has the clout to take on multinationals such as Google and Microsoft. At the moment Britain plays a key role in the EU, and leaving would see us forgo that.



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