EU Referendum

Pros & Cons of Leaving The EU

Sky News' article on reasons to leave:


Reasons To Leave


:: Border control back in our hands


The flip side of the freedom of work and travel for UK citizens is that people from other EU countries are free to travel to and live in Britain.


UKIP leader Nigel Farage says any attempt by the Government to control immigration into the UK is futile as long as we are in the EU.


:: We could make a large membership fee saving


Like most clubs, the EU charges a membership fee, and it has been claimed that the cost is around £55m per day.


Analysis by Full Fact estimates the figure is closer to £24m per day when rebates and other receipts are taken into account.


:: Institutions are seen as lacking democracy


The European Parliament is directly elected, although the powerful Commission which proposes legislation is not.


Because many of these laws supersede legislation made by individual states' parliaments, some see the system as undemocratic.


:: Other countries successfully go it alone


Many Eurosceptics look to rich Norway as a country which trades with the EU without being in it. It also controls its own agriculture and keeps its fish, rather than being bound by EU quotas.


:: Get rid of any threat to Britain's military freedom


There is a push within the ranks of the EU's leaders for it to have its own army.


The president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, said earlier this year that it would help show Russia the EU was serious about defending member values.


In the past the British Government has been forced to block moves to create EU-controlled military forces.



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