2016 Council Elections

Pauline Royle: Gorse Hill Ward

05/05/2016 Results: Pauline came third with 261 votes.



Pauline Royle


Gorse Hill Ward





2016 Manifesto:



Main issues of contention:


  • Loss of transport for children in Trafford at special schools;
  • Reduced budget for Trafford;
  • Carrington development by HIMOR;
  • Failure of openness by Trafford Council;
  • Failure of Conservative councillors to acknowledge opposing views;
  • Arrogance of some councillors;


What you need to know about Pauline:


Pauline is the Treasurer of UKIP Stretford & Urmston, and has been since it was created following the dissolution of UKIP Trafford.  Pauline is married to Ian Royle, who is standing for the Daveyhulme East ward.


Pauline thinks that Labour has had a hold over Gorse Hill for too long.  The ward and the whole constituency needs a fresh and refreshing change.  Pauline is very critical of the local MP, Kate Green, who has done little to combat the congestion and air pollution.  Pauline thinks that the Trafford Labour Party has been far too self-interested and believes that a change in representation will re-awaken the spirit of Trafford and allow it to play a full role in the Greater Manchester Northern Powerhouse.  This ward and Trafford as a whole has a lot to offer, and Pauline wants to be at the forefront of leading Trafford in to a new future where Manchester does not take the lion's share of funding.  Education, social care, NHS and mental health all need greater funding in Trafford.  The hospitals are second rate due to continual under-funding over the last 40 years.  Moving the £6 billion NHS budget to a labour controlled Mayor's office is a recipe for disaster.


Pauline points to the Labour Party statements about tax avoidance and asks why Labour was not making these statements when it was in power and could actually write tax laws.  Pauline asks why Labour, when in power, left the writing of tax legislation to the Big 4 auditing companies - who wrote in tax avoidance measures.  Why is it only now, six years after leaving power, that Labour suddenly has an interest in this?  Labour has represented Gorse Hill for a long time and has done very little for it.  It is time for a change, and Pauline believes she is the change that is needed.


If you wish to help Pauline leafleting or wish to assist in the cross party EU referendum leafleting, or wish to talk to UKIP, please contact this website.  If you wish to interview Pauline please email press@kalvinchapman.co.uk






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