2016 Council Elections

Paul Regan: Davyhulme West Ward

05/05/2016 Results: Paul came third with 388 votes.



Paul Regan


Davyhulme West Ward



NHS Nurse


2016 Manifesto:



Main issues of contention:


  • NHS
  • Congestion
  • Loss of transport for children in Trafford at special schools;
  • Reduced budget for Trafford;
  • Carrington development by HIMOR;
  • Failure of openness by Trafford Council;
  • Failure of Conservative councillors to acknowledge opposing views;
  • Arrogance of some councillors;


What you need to know about Paul:


Paul is an NHS nurse in Trafford.  Paul believes that the NHS in Trafford and the whole North Wets have been chronically underfunded and mismanaged.  Paul thinks that now that the underfunded NHS Budget has been handed to the Labour run Greater Manchester authority under the unelected Labour Mayor that the NHS in Trafford, and most especially the mental health NHS budget, will be in dire needs very soon.  The £6 Billion budget must be reduced by a further £2 billion, despite already being £2 billion under what is needed is a disaster waiting to happen - and it is the people of Trafford that will be hardest hit.  As a nurse Paul has already seen how devastating the austerity measures have been.  Couple more austerity with a Council that appears not to care and a Council Leader who will now help control the NHS budget through the unelected Mayor's office, disasters will continue for the foreseeable future.  Only a new fresh perspective can start to deal with this issue.


Paul has been lobbying for congestion in Trafford to be dealt with, and despairs at the total failure of the council to deal with this issue.  With streets already seeing people having to park illegally, the measures imposed by the Conservative led council has led to some disastrous sights across Trafford, with the Conservative Councillors not caring.


Paul stood for election in the Daveyhulme West ward in 2014, and would have stood in 2015 but for a last minute administrative error and a traffic jam stopped him getting his nomination papers in.  Paul cares about this ward and the whole of Trafford, and wants you to vote for a fresh and new perspective in local politics.


If you wish to help Paul leafleting or wish to assist in the cross party EU referendum leafleting, or wish to talk to UKIP, please contact this website.  If you wish to interview Paul please email press@kalvinchapman.co.uk






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