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In September 2015 I launched a youtube channel[1] to discuss politics generally, but with a UKIP slant.


Below is a list of the videos as they go up.


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I am always open to being challenged and corrected. If you think I have made a mistake in a video or have missed something important, please email me.  The below links take you to the website page, from which you can view the resources.  The Youtube linked word takes you to the youtube channel, and starts (where applicable) with Part 1 if there is ore than one Part for that episode.


List of video:


2017 Series


11.  Anne Marie Waters, For Britain & My Views 18/11/2017


I did not vote for AMW.  I set out here why I did not support her as leader of UKIP and why I hope she does a better job at For Britain than fat boy did at Britain First.


Youtube Page or Website Page.


10.  Unison Paid No Tax


This was due to go up on Wednesday but the tax avoidance story hit the press, so I thought I would capitalise on it.  Unison is a huge UK Union.  It paid no tax, despite have tens of millions in profits.


Youtube Page or Website Page.


9.  Dear Remoaner: Here is the data, now kindly shut up


Remoaners like to say more people support Remain and us Leavers all regret what we have done.  They are flat out wrong.  Here is the data and analysis.


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8.  ISIS Soldiers Returning Home 30/10/2017


A look at the ISIS Soldiers returning back to Britain.  What do we do with them?  Kalvin Chapman looks at this and answers some uncomfortable questions.


YouTube Page or Website Page,


7.  Unite the Union & Len McCluskey Are Hypocrites


Between 2012 and 2015 (last figures available) Unite the Union paid £2.2 million in tax on £638 million income.  A tax rate of 0.3445% a year.  And they have the bare faced cheek to tell us we must do more.  Hypocrites.


Youtube Page or Website Page.


6.  Black Lives Matter & Their Demand For Segregation 24/06/2017


Black Lives Matter has hit the news again with their demands for segregation.  Here Kalvin Chapman looks at the issues of segregation & why it would make Rosa Parks & Martin Luther King despair.


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5.  Stoke Central - What The Hell Happened?  01/04/2017


A quick look at why the Stoke by-election was not the success we thought it would be.


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4. Labour's Gareth Snell loves Twitter


Quick look at the Tweets of Labour's Gareth Snell.


Youtube Page  or Website page.


3. 04/02/2016 2017 Milo Yiannopoulos & the Regressive Left


There were riots at UC Berkeley because a man with the wrong opinion wanted to exercise his right of free speech.  This video looks at how the utter cretins of the left are making Milo richer & more famous.

Website page or Youtube page.


2.  Stoke By-Election update 04/02/2016


Watch the full episode here or on Youtube.


1.  Stoke Central By Election:


Full Episode: 18 minutes Website Page and Youtube


Short 5 Minute episode on the Labour Candidate Gareth Snell: Website page and Youtube








2015 Videos


Video 5: The Draft Investigatory Powers Bill     YOUTUBE


Video 4: Labour & Their BNP & Sexual Deviant Candidates YOUTUBE


Video 3: The Conservative Conference News    YOUTUBE


Video 2: Migration, Migrants & Related Issues    YOUTUBE


Video 1: Introduction.    YOUTUBE




[1] Fork In Politics








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