EU Referendum

In 2009 David Cameron demanded a referendum from Gordon Brown[1]. He then promised a referendum, but only after he negotiated a new deal after being forced to agree because of UKIP's surge since 2014.  He has his new deal, we have our referendum on 23 June 2016.


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I have just added some of the biggest myths to the Q&A page, particularly the 3 million jobs myth.  If you want to see more, email me with questions.


So important is this issue to every UKIP member, and to probably 40 to 50% of the UK population, that Nigel Farage  announced that he would no longer be concerned with the party on a day-to-day basis, he would instead concentrate full-time on the referendum[2]. He is a member of more than one Leave Group.  He mainly supports Grassroots Out (GO!)[3].  I personally like both Grassroots Out and Vote Leave[4].


So important is this issue that UKIP activists have all been told to join any campaign that is about leaving the EU - there are many. I personally am involved with Vote Leave[3] and me and my colleagues are involved with Better Off Out[4] and Say No To EU[5].


On these pages you will find the following resources:


[1] A Question & Answer Page


[2] Pros & Cons of Leaving The EU


[3] Pros & Cons on Remaining In The EU


[4] The Treasury Select Committee Investigation of the Costs of membership of the EU


[5] Summary list of people who have given evidence to the Treasury Select Committee (with links)


[6] EU Referendum youtube videos


[7] EU Referendum: Reports, Data & Links


If you need anything and it is not on this page, email me and I will ensure that it is amended or we provide an updated video. And please, remember that the more information you have about all sides of this question the better you can appreciate the central importance of this issue.














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