John Bickley

UKIP Parliamentary Candidate Oldham West & Royton

 I was at the Oldham West & Royton offices on Saturday 28th November 2015.  It was amazing.  There were lots of activists out.  John Bickley was there to help greet all of the activists - see the photos below.


The Guardian has run an article saying Labour are in trouble.  The Telegraph ran an article saying that Nigel's request that the Tories should lend their votes to UKIP to keep Labour out.


"But Ukip sources disclosed that the party’s latest internal polling suggested the 34-point gap had narrowed to just seven points by this weekend, with Ukip on 35 per cent to Labour’s 42 per cent."

Telegraph 28/11/2015


So, where are we at?  It looks great on the ground, but we have to accept that a 15,000 majority is a

hill that may just be too high to climb unless the conservative voters realise that the conservatives have literally no chance at all and if they vote UKIP they not only get to defeat Labour in an ultra-safe seat but they get to tell Jeremy Corbyn what the country thinks of him.


Is the Labour party ready for this fight?  I got talking to a Conservative activist and a Labour activist on the tram down to Oldham.  We had a great chat, they were really nice people.  The Labour activist admitted that the comments from the shadow chancellor John McDonnell was not helping the party. (We also talked about how nice Douglas Carswell is as a person).


Can we fight and win?  I think personally we can, and no matter who wins they will only have a three, possibly lower four, digit majority.  I got to interview John Bickley (video coming shortly) and he was great.  He confirmed how much support he has had from the May 2015 candidate, Francis Arbour, how fantastic the turn-out of UKIP activists has been and what representing Oldham West & Royton means to him.  Its history is one of being central to the UK, especially in regards to world war two.  He thinks that Labour has just ignored Oldham's constituents for 45 years because it has always been an ultra safe seat.  Now, suddenly, they have to turn up and speak to them having not done so for years.  And how have they done that?  That's right, by the Labour party leader ignoring them, that is how Labour has treated the voters of Oldham West & Royton.  He turned up for two minutes at the start of the campaign and has ignored them ever since.  Unlike UKIP's leader, Nigel Farage, who has turned up and spoken to voters and posted leaflets.  We are all in it together and we believe in Britain.


I also got to spend the day with Flo Lewis, the Chair of UKIP's LGBT* group.  She really is a marvellous person, with a great story. John Bickley supports UKIP's LGBT* team, and I think this photo of them is great.


I also had a really day just meeting people from all over the UK.  LAst time I was in Oldham I met up with the youth group and they were from all over the UK including Edinburgh.  This time I met someone from Glasgow.  We also met people from the Oldham branch.  It really was great to be amongst people who really give a stuff about politics.  There was a very, very loud discussion about the Monarchy - I am very much a Royalist.  We were chatting with a chap who is very much against the Monarchy.  It was just great having a real discussion with people who are passionate about politics.


Labour had a meeting, and once again they have segregated the females.  Why Labour hates women quite as much as they appear to hate them I do not know - why do they keep segregating women?  They did it during the May 2015 General Election, they have done it once again in the Oldham West & Royton by-election.  They sicken me.


In other areas, we have seen the Conservatives being drowned in a drama involving Mark Clarke.  He ran the tories' youth activists and is supposed to have blackmailed and bullied them.  He has now been kicked out, but the story rumbles on.  In the Labour world, Jeremy Corbyn has said he does not agree with a "shoot to kill" policy where the police are confronting terrorists.  Sounds to me that he thinks the terrorists' human rights come way, way above the human rights of people in the UK to survive.  His shadow Chancellor was photographed with a pledge to get rid of Mi5 - yes, he would like to remove the UK's security services.  Then Corbyn said he would never use the nuclear bomb, so effectively if he is elected the UK would have no nuclear deterrent - imagine if we end up in a war against Russia - you know, because of Nato and Turkey - would they see us as a weak point because we would not retaliate?  That is of course in addition to us having fewer and fewer Army, Navy & RAF defences because George Osborne doesn't think we need to defend ourselves.  Finally, in the Autumn statement the Chancellor removed about £12 billion from the welfare bill - so the poorest get poorer.  But don't worry - we increased and ring fenced the money we give in foreign aid.  So when you are starving to death because the dole office has removed your income, again, at least you know people in Africa are having those extra billions to spend on food.


If you would like to help out in Oldham, please make yourself available on Thursday - the more people, the better.  Please visit his page for contact details.









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