2016 Council Elections

2016 Prospective Council Candidates Archive

Results for the 5 May 2016 elections are as follows:


Andrew: Andrew came third with 340 votes.

Steve: Steve came fourth with 290 votes.

Ian: Ian came third with 321 votes.

Paul: Paul came third with 388 votes.

Mike: Mike came third with 422 votes.

Pauline: Pauline came third with 261 votes.

Val: Val came fourth with 214 votes.


Full results: HERE


In May 2016 we will have fielding 7 candidates of the 9 wards of Stretford & Urmston for the Trafford Council elections.  We are primarily concentrating on two candidates, Andrew Beaumont and Steve Jones.

If you would like to support us on the Council Elections or you wish to support us on a cross party EU Referendum debate, please contact me and we would be delighted to speak to you.


Kalvin Chapman is acting as agent for all UKIP candidates listed below.  Please contact this website for comment.  If you wish to interview a candidate please email press@kalvinchapman.co.uk


2016 Council Candidates profiles:


Andrew Beaumont: Urmston ward


Steve Jones: Bucklow St. Martin ward


Ian Royle - Davyhulme East ward


Paul Regan - Davyhulme West ward


Mike Bayley-Sanderson: Flixton ward


Pauline Royle: Gorse Hill ward


Val Bayley-Sanderson: Longford ward





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