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In this selection you can find two blogs.  One is my general political blog which you can see HERE.  The second is my Tumour Blog.  I was diagnosed with a significant tumour in my head in early August 2016.  The tumour is situated in my eye (intraorbital) and the right side of my brain and down to the right side of my sinus.  I have unfortunately come to see how the NHS is literally collapsing in on itself due to the chronic under-funding.  I never want to be seen to criticise the NHS, but unfortunately I have suffered shockingly bad treatment since the first day I saw a doctor about what would later be found to be a tumour.  The NHS is in a deplorable state, and the Conservative Government is making it worse.


The political blog covers many areas and looks at issues I see to be of interest.  You can find some of the archived blogs in the Archived section.  That is to keep the number of sub pages on the menu, so I am arching blogs where I can.


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