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Take encouragement


I heard of some UKIP members being disheartened by some recent events. I know the Leadership farce and the MEP fracas in the summer did us no favours, but I’d like to give you my view on some of the other events that have unfolded recently.


When Paul Nuttall was elected as our leader, with around 60% of the vote, on a mandate to unite the party things went very quiet in the national media. The media only likes to mention UKIP when it thinks there is something contentious to report, otherwise we get very little coverage at all.


Paul has been a man of his word about uniting the party building up a team that includes leadership contenders (from both elections!) and drawing on the skills of experienced members of the party.


At the recent UKIP conference held in Bolton, Paul and his team delivered some great speeches and the membership give Paul tremendous backing despite some of the negative media reports he received in the lead-up to the Stoke by-election. None of this positivity was reported in the media.


There have been media reports around Aaron Banks and party splits. As I’ve mentioned, at the UKIP conference Paul had tremendous backing, including from Nigel, and has the backing of major party donors. It’s a shame some folks still spout out silly things or put self-interest ahead of the party.  Let’s face it, we’re not the only party that has embarrassing characters – other parties elect them as leaders!


There are lessons to be learned from any campaign and Stoke is no different. Maybe we would have been better placed if we’d put in a local candidate. We’ll see if we learn that lesson with any other forthcoming bi-elections. I’m not discouraged by the disappointment at Stoke (or Copeland for that matter). The Tories are riding high on Teresa May’s Brexit means Brexit and are taking a good proportion of what would have been the ‘Leave’ vote as a result – If you look at Stoke the combined UKIP and Tory vote (Leave) easily beat Labour and any combined ‘Remain’ vote. The Brexit ‘battle’ isn’t over – nothing has been delivered yet. And even when Article 50 is triggered it doesn’t mean we’ll achieve a proper Brexit – UKIP is needed to keep putting pressure on to ensure this is achieved, and win votes should the Government let us down.


UKIP is more than Brexit though. I encourage you to look back at the 2015 Manifesto to see what we also campaign about. Also at Council level, we are winning many seats and run Thanet District Council and along with Independent Councillors run Mansfield DC. Locally UKIP has made a breakthrough in Bolton and is hopeful of achieving more Councillors next year, as it continues to challenge the Labour run Council. Here in Trafford we are keen to give every resident the opportunity to vote for UKIP at next elections in 2018 (More on this in a future communication).


Mike Bayley-Sanderson



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