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Blog 4: United We Stand – Divided We Fall


I watched Councillor Andrew Western, Leader of the Trafford Labour group, be interviewed on Northwest Tonight, before he entered the Extraordinary Council meeting to discuss the building of houses on green belt in Flixton. There are a few things to note from his conversation.


The Trafford Labour group are not opposed to building on green belt in Trafford and have only singled out Flixton as an ‘exclusion’. His reason being the development would impact on Flixton’s Village status. Surely the same applies to Carrington and Timperley? So why single out Flixton?


The Flixton ward in Trafford is probably to be the most closely contested ward in the borough with the Conservatives winning by a close margin in each of the last three elections, gaining Councillors to add to their ranks. For the Labour group to gain control of Trafford Council these are their target seats, so one has to ask, is their stance over the housing development in Flixton for political gain or genuine concern?


Residents should not think that things will get any easier with a change to a Labour Controlled Council given Councillor Andrew Western’s support for additional housing in the borough. Also, given Trafford have collaborated to form the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) plans with the other Local Authorities that make up Greater Manchester, all but one controlled by Labour.


As residents throughout Trafford we have genuine concerns about the potential housing developments and associated (lack of) infrastructure across the whole of the borough. There is a danger the ‘politicians’ will try to play one area off against another for political gain. Trafford residents need to stick together and fight for fairness across the whole of the borough. The conservatives are just as much at fault as Labour with their proposals for Trafford Leisure, with its bias towards Altrincham, at the expense of Urmston losing a Sports Centre and Partington only getting funding when the new development at Carrington is complete. Residents in the south of the borough will need everyone’s support to fight proposed HS2 plans which will impact the borough.


Trafford UKIP are strongly opposed to the building of houses on any green belt in Trafford and would only approve the building on brownfield sites, such as Carrington, with strict criteria adhered to. Such as having all Infrastructure e.g. improved roads to be in place before the first new home-owners move in, adequate compensation settled with the current residents of Carrington who will have to endure the brunt of the development work and its disruption and the agreement on a significant proportion of the build made available to those earning the minimum wage (such as shared ownership schemes).


Mike Bayley-Sanderson

UKIP Stretford & Urmston Chairman

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Flixton ward: Local Election 2016

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