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Blog 3 - No News.  16 August 2016


As set out in Blog 1, I was supposed to be told the results on Friday or Monday (yesterday).  I wasn't.  Elizabeth and I went to the hospital today.  I have to say - I had convinced myself it was the absolute worst news.  It wasn't.


They have confirmed that is not "highly aggressive".  So, it is unlikely that I will be faced with sudden and fast deterioration and death.


They want the full histo-pathology on it (ie give it a name) before they will discuss anything further.  I have been referred to Oncology at the Christie and the Ear, Nose & Throat specialists, as a large part of the tumour has engulfed my sinus region.  It seems to have originated in my right temple brain matter and just grown down.


Once they have the histo-pathology they can tell me what it is, where the other tumours are likely to be and what the treatment plans might be.  Neurology has confirmed there are no hidden tumours inside my brain - just this big f*ck off one hanging off the front of it.


He repeatedly used the word huge.  He said the word cancer three times.  I remember laughing at the scene in Muriel's Wedding where they get angry that the Doctor had no clarified that "tumour" meant "cancer".  I saw the real side of it, today because the word really packed some punch for me .


So, I will get a full diagnosis next Tuesday (23 August 2016) - it will have a name and will either malignant or benign.  I will then see the next set of specialists and we will plan how we treat this thing.  It could still be benign it could still be malignant.  It just is not highly aggressive.


I am 100% convinced based upon everything that I have seen and heard that it is a treatable but malignant cancer.  I appreciate that means I may die.  I may also outlive the lot of you :P


As and when I have an update, you will get one.  I am still looking at worst case scenarios, but hoping for the best.  I am still laughing and enjoying myself and being very positive.  There is no point getting upset.


Just a word though: I really do not want to hear the story about someone who survived.  It really is not helping.  It is really not being taken by me in the spirit it is meant.  Please don't offer me these stories.  Thank you!





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