Blog 22:

Politics Update 2016

In my entire life, 2016 has to rank as one of the best years I have ever had.  It has been amazing. It has, as many people know, been touched by the problem of cancer (see my blogs on my tumours HERE).  Despite cancer, I have not stopped all year.


In 2016 I moved from being secretary of Stretford & Urmston to being secretary of UKIP Manchester and also secretary of UKIP Greater Manchester (yes, I am a title queen :D).


My abiding memory of 2016 has been friendship.  Mike, Andrew and Anita from Stretford & Urmston, through to the dozens and dozens of people at UKIP Manchester.  I have really especially enjoyed my friendships with Andrew, Phil (chairman of Manchester) and Ian (co-chairman of Greater Manchester).


Every week this year just seems to have left us all reeling as something new happened.  The run-up to the referendum just saw political earth-quakes happening every two minutes.  Nothing seemed to ever stop.  In fact, I would say that it has felt like a constant thing since I first came into UKIP in early 2015.


This website has also been a source of amazement to me.  We only intended it to be up until the end of May 2015.  But it attracted such relative large numbers that we kept it up as a website for UKIP Stretford & Urmston.  I finally sat down and divided the site up so that we have a very noticeable area for UKIP and an area for me.  I then set one up for Manchester (  For the last month alone 337 unique users have come to this website in 454 sessions and 77 unique visitors to the Manchester site in 88 sessions.  We have the problem that every search engine recognises it as the home of UKIP Manchester except google.  We simply cannot get google to rank the site at the top of searches for UKIP Manchester.  If anyone has any ideas on how we can change this, please let me know.  It is so frustrating that google is simply unable to see as being the principal site for a google search of "UKIP Manchester".


So the abiding memory of 2016 has to be the EU Referendum.  The referendum that caused a Prime Minister to resign.  We won.  We bloody well won.  How amazing is that?  We were not meant to.  And the cry babies that scream and throw temper tantrums over it have been so funny.  And now we will be having it all over again over the issue of the membership of the single market.  Everyone on both sides of the argument were very, very clear through-out the referendum that a vote to leave the EU was a vote to leave the single market.  But no, now the remoaners are issuing legal cases to try and stop that.


I do not care.  We won.  We won massively.  And they simply cannot accept that we have a different view to them.  These are the people that for 30 years have been used to their voices being the majority.  Now that they are not the majority suddenly the voices of the minority become relevant.  20 years ago when Blair won the voices of the conservative voters were not relevant.  We were ignored.  But that has all changed.  I remember the hilarious site of people demonstrating against democracy in  May 2015 when Cameron got a tiny majority of 12.  They were furious that we had dared to vote in a way that we wanted to.  They then had even bigger hissy fits when we voted to leave the EU.  They simply could not fathom that anyone had an opinion that was not theirs.


So yes, 2016 has been the best year.  I was never a Trump supporter.  But I absolutely loved that he won.  How on earth could such an oaf win? Easy - people have had enough of being told what to think and are now doing what they think is the right thing to do.


The site of all those Hilary fans crying when it was obvious Trump had won.  Hilarious.  Hilary Clinton would have started World War 3 with Russia - of that I have no doubts.  The fact that in his last days of the presidency Obama is doing everything he possibly can to cause World War 3 tells me that I am right - they fully intended to get her in to power and for her to create a new war because there is a renewed need for arms manufacturers to get rich again - it has been too long since the last unlawful war, they need a new one.  They never, ever thought that Trump would beat her.  But he did.


As well as being a great year for the right, we have also seen the far left take a step forward and take over Labour.  Best news ever.  Corbyn.  I actually like him.  He's a disaster for Labour, but I really do have a huge regard for his personal convictions.  No other politician would have stayed when the Labour Parliamentary group all voted to get rid of him.  And the communist far left have taken over Labour.  It will mean Labour will not be in power any time in the next 10 years.  That means that we need to capitalise on it.


So that leaves us with UKIP.  I joined UKIP because its manifesto is the manifesto that represented what I want in politics.  Not UKIP as portrayed by the media.  I see the real UKIP.  Yes, there are some awful people in the party.  I will not pretend we are perfect.  But look at Labour & the Conservatives.  Councillor after Councillor is being found to be a child molester or has been found with indecent pictures of Children.  Another one was arrested for it just recently (see HERE "Altrincham councillor Matthew Sephton arrested in child porn inquiry").  Have a look at the youtube video I did on it last year HERE.  Despite that Labour & Conservative Councillors seem to perpetually be involved in the abuse of children, it is NEVER brought up when interviewing party leaders.  Yet if a UKIP leader gets interviewed he or she must answer for every single stupid thing someone in UKIP has done.


I did love the fact that the UKIP electorate voted for a female leader.  Every party except Labour & Liberal Anti-Democrats has had a female leader really cheered me up.  I was saddened when Diane James stood down.  I fully understand why she did that.  She was never supported by the MEPs and without them she was stuffed.  Paul, our new leader, has one hell of a job trying to pull the party together, but I think he is the best one for the job.  And yes, I think the Steven Woolfe & Diane James issues has hurt the party - but we have bounced back from far worse.  We have at present about 4 million supporters.  We just need those four million to start contributing to the party with cash and we will have a real shot at getting proper numbers elected in 2020.


So my goal for 2017 is to try and bring the UKIP that I know to everyone else.  You have to remember, we are portrayed as being racist, sexist and homophobic.  We are not.  Look at my branch.  There are four of us on the committee.  One is gay (me), one is black (Mark - Treasurer), one is female (membership secretary Katie Fanning who has just been overwhelmingly voted on to the UKIP NEC) and only one is a straight white male (Phil, our dashingly handsome chairman).  Yet, if you read the newspapers we are all white, straight men who hate women blacks and gays.  It could not be further from the truth.  To date I have not had a single negative thing said about me - if we were so homophobic that would not happen.  I am fully supported by every branch in Greater Manchester, as evidenced by the recent NEC elections.  If we were racist I would hear it - I do not.  There are some racist people in the party - but there are in every party.  Everyone I know in the North West is absolutely not and is absolutely against homophobia, sexism and racism.  But the press simply will not tell you that.


So I want to re-start working on the youtube videos.  It is a lot of work working out what to say, scripting it, shooting it and then editing it.  But I did enjoy it when I did it - so I will re-start.  I have the studio set up in my living room.


So 2017 will be a year in which we prepare for the 2018 local elections and the 2020 general election.  There is so much to do.  There is so much disinformation about UKIP out there.  Like Trump the press cannot give a real impression of UKIP.  They lie.  They only print the bad things that happens.  You do not see that treatment given to other parties.  So, if the press won't then it is up to me and my friends to get the message out.  I did not join a racist party.  I did not join a homophobic party.  I want the likes of Owen Jones to get to know who we really are.


So, I wish everyone a prosperous New Year.  If you do not like UKIP - tough.  We are coming up the ranks and by 2020 we will be ready for power.







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