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Politics Update 2016

The world is truly a different place to what it was in December 2015.  We have had Brexit, Trump and now the Supreme Court case about Brexit.  We have seen women voted in as leaders of the majority of political parties in the UK.  We have seen momentum take over Labour and keep Corbyn in as leader despite that he is hated by the vast majority of Labour MPs.  We have seen Nigel Farage leave, come back, leave and come back again and finally leave one last time (lol).  We have had a leader then no leader then a leader again.  We have seen the leader elected by the party quit and then quit the party entirely.  We have seen the person who would have been leader removed from the contest and then he quit the party also.  It has been a very eventful year.


So I think the Referendum and the US Presidential Election both had a similar issue that was really taken from the shade over in the glaring light of the sun.  The press over the last 30 years has simply gone further and further into personal opinion than reporting of news.  I was astonished during the referendum how polarised this became, but it repeated itself in the US presidential election.  Journalists simply filling thousands of column inches telling everyone who they should vote for.  After the first three or four months of Trump's campaign they stopped even pretending that they were being impartial.  You know, we had a woman who was clearly compromised by taking millions of dollars from big corporations and, more frighteningly, from places like Saudi.  She was pretending to be the friend of the LGBTQ community, yet she was taking money and orders from a Country that executes people for being gay.  NOT ONE single main-stream media journalist questioned this.  None.  She was essentially saying that if elected she would take her queue from a country that hates gays, and yet none of the main-stream media so much as hinted at it.  And gay people all over the US were screaming about what a homophobe Trump was.  What did he say in his first interview?  Same sex marriage is settled law.  What did Clinton say? She said that marriage is between a man and a woman only.  And Trump is the homophob?  Piss off.


If you read the various books out on Brexit like Unleashing Demons and The Brexit Boys, you get to see the same thing in England.  Journalists took their position and then just spouted news that they agreed with and ignored news that they disagreed with.  I never, ever thought I would see a time when journalists acted in such a biased way.  It was terrible and it was disgusting.


And that one issue, so prevalent over two major and important elections, was for me the single issue that has defined politics for 2016.  The main-stream media cannot be trusted.  They refuse to print stories based upon a journalist's personal tastes and politics.  I was always so very angry at the Manchester Evening News because its political journalist is awful.  She does not even pretend that she is a journalist anymore, she admits that she "takes a position".  No, she just pumps out pro Labour news and ignores the rest.  Occasionally she will cover the tories and Lib Anti-Dems, but she will never cover UKIP or Green or the independents.  We literally do not exist as far as the MEN is concerned.  But I never expected to see her awful interpretation of journalism to be taken on by the main-stream newspapers.  We all know if you read the Independent you will only get the very extreme left, the guardian is the left, the Telegraph is the right and the Express is further right.  So, I do not take what is in the Independent or the Express.  But I should expect that if I read The Times (which I do) or the BBC I should get an approximation of what the true story is.  Brexit took that away.  I now know that the media as a whole will only report the journalists' personal opinions, and many newspapers will only print stories that fit their political narrative.


And that is what defined 2016.  The prols, like me, revolted.  We suddenly said "Stop!  No more!" and stopped taking what was offered on a  plate.  I remember talking to people during the referendum down Market Street (Manchester) and the people on the Remain side screaming at us because the economists in the newspaper had said we would fall off an economic cliff.  We just stopped believing it because so much of it was absolute bullshit.  And we were proven right.  It was bullshit.  Cameron was right to resign.  Osborne should have resigned.  They lied to us.  We knew they were lying.



Then we got Trump.  Journalists just lost their shit.  And they just could not understand why the public in the UK and US were simply not buying this line of racist, racist racist.  The reason is, Trump has been in the public eye for 40 years and had never been a racist or sexist.  Suddenly because he is running against St Hilary he is a monster.  And it was absolute bullshit.  But the press did not learn from Brexit.  They just kept doubling down and expecting that any minute now the prols will get back in their box and do as they are told.  The Wikileaks emails from Podesta's email system showed that the media was actively colluding with Clinton first to get rid of Sanders and then to stab Trump in the back.  What they did not count on was the public, en-mass, suddenly just stopped listening.  It was embarrassing when we had a woman a day coming out to say that Trump had groped them.  It was embarrassing because it was obviously bullshit.  This man had been on the TV for 30 years, why did they wait until now to reveal their harrowing stories  It was clearly bullshit.  But the press and the democrats had gotten so used to manipulating the public they just could not understand why people liked Trump, so they increased the coverage and people liked him more, so they cranked it up to hysterical screams and people kept on liking Trump.  It was embarrassing for the media when in his first interview this homophobic misogynistic bastard said that same sex marriage was settled law that he would not interfere with and despite that the left wing press kept repeating the lie that he is homophobic.  What had happened to the man that was going to be executing gays?  Look at St Hilary - she's the one that actually said the words that same sex marriage is wrong.  SHE SAID THAT! WITH HER MOUTH!



So that for me was half the big news for 2016.  The press are a bunch of manipulative, lying bast*rds.


The second issue for 20016 was that recently the TV is becoming slightly better at accepting that there are now more than just the tories and Labour.  Nigel Farage has been on TV more since March 2016 than I suspect he had been for the previous 10 years put together.  I have seen the left absolutely losing their shit this week because Farage was on Question Time.  Screaming that the BBC now always has him on.  They don't, but for people who believe they have the right to dictate what people are allowed to think, having UKIP on TV at all is too much for their delicate sensibilities.  The fact is, we got 4 million votes in GE2015.  We generally come second or third in most votes now.  Shortly we will start coming first in votes.  We have a right to be represented in the media.  And the left can shove that up their arses.


This leads on to the final thing that I have noticed in 2016.  The left now are so entitled that they believe they genuinely have a right to determine for other people what they are and are not allowed to listen to.  A good example is Milo recently being banned from speaking at his former school.  The head-teaching put out a press release saying the children and parents wanted to hear Milo speak, but the left wingers all lobbied the Government and the anti-terrorist squad stopped Milo - a Brit - from talking to sixth formers.  Why? Because the far left think they are in a George Orwell book and can determine what people are allowed to listen to and banning them from listening to anything else.


I do not know if it is because i am now more into politics that I notice or whether this has been there for a long time.  But I am actually aware of it now.  The manipulative way that headlines are written.  The manipulative way something is said, but important facts missed (for instance, calling Trump homophobic yet the only things he has ever said about LGBTQ people is massively positive and the things Clinton has said have been massively anti-LGBTQ).  I notice it now.  I loath the BBc for their massive anti-Brexit bias during the referendum.  I loath journalists who only point to the negative on Brexit and ignore the positive.  I loath the journalists that point to the negative in Trump and hide the facts or the positives.  But they have lost out. Poeple don't want to read single newspapers anymore because every news outlet is biased, so people want to read multiple news outlets, meaning using only on-line content and not hard-copy, meaning their incomes are dropping.  But they will not learn.  They will continue in this idiotic fashion and we as a civilisation will lose out when journalism is only undertaken by the few and not the many.  It is not a positive outlook, I can tell you that.


But, I would say in closing, 2016 has been the greatest year.  It really has been amazing.  I am so happy that I am involved in politics right now.  I am so happy that the lying left are no longer winning everything.  I am so happy that there are people out there like Milo who will talk on behalf of us.  I will never have the platform he has, but I intend following what he is doing and being vocal.


Here's to the run up to the ground-breaking 2020 elections :D


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