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So, 2016 has been an interesting year. We have a conservative Government, a Government that promised us a referendum on the UK's membership in the EU.  Almost everyone outside of UKIP saw the result as a foregone conclusion.  They all thought (as they did with the Scottish Independence Referendum) that experts telling us about the Armageddon economic outlook would be 100% believed and we would all be good sheep and vote to remain.  We didn't; we voted to leave.  In droves. 2,000,000 majority.



In 2016 we have females leading all of the major political parties except Labour and LibDem.  We have a female Prime Minister (and a female head of state, too).  I looked up the Labour Leadership contests from 1983. No female in the history of the Labour Party has ever placed higher than a man in a leadership contest,.  The highest a woman ever placed in a Labour leadership contest was Margaret Becket in 1994 with 18.8%.


A female, Angela Eagle, put her name forward in the 2016 Labour Leadership contest and she had bricks put through her office window[1] and she got openly called homophobic names in her constituency party meetings, though people in that meeting say it is completely untrue[2].  She was, effectively, pushed out of the leadership contest because she's a lesbian.  I suspect because she was female too.


In Scotland, the SNP, Labour and Conservative parties have three female leaders, two of which are openly gay.  For the first time (I think since forever) the Scottish conservative leader polls higher than the Scottish Labour leader, pushing Labour into third[3].  Labour continue to be punished for the falsehoods uttered during the independence referendum and the extraordinarily awful leadership by Ed Milliband during the 2015 general election.


The green party now has a job-share male and female leader (I  fully cheer them on with that - amazing and wonderful story)[4].


The Welsh party, Plaid Cymru  has a female leader, Leanne Wood[5].


Finally, UKIP now has a female leader, Diane James[6].  Not only did the sexist misogynists at UKIP vote for a female leader, 14,245 voted for a female candidate.  There were three female candidates (and two men).  14,2545 amounted to 80.28% of the vote[7].  Just for female candidates.  Guess that ruins the misogyny allegation.


Not only did UKIP vote overwhelmingly for a female leader, they also elected a gay man and a mixed race man to represent them in the London Assembly[8].  They also put that gay man (Peter Whittle) up as the London Mayor candidate, for UKIP[9].  Peter Whittle[10] and David Kurten[11] represent the London constituents as UKIP Assembly Members.  I guess that ruins the homophobic and racist allegations.


In Greater Manchester there is a mayoral race in 2017.  I was supposed to be putting my name forward, but the tumour in my head meant that I could not.  I am openly gay and I was 100% supported by the chairmen of UKIP Greater Manchester branches.  Two people have put their names forward to represent UKIP in the mayoral contest.  One is Shneur Odze, an orthodox jew.  He is massively popular and liked by everyone in UKIP and especially in the North West. (he used to be a councillor in London, so is popular down there also)  He is well known and very popular.  My Chairman (Phil Eckersley) is also standing in the Mayoral race.  As at the writing of this article, I do not know when the hustings and decision will take place in order to appoint Phil or Shneur as the official UKIP candidate.


So here we are and 2016 is slowly drawing to a close.  Females massively out number men in leading political parties.  A female is the Prime Minister.  Only Labour and LibDems tend not to have females except where they have women only lists (noting that no other party uses female only lists ... that should tell you something).  UKIP, alleged to be a racist and bigoted party by the likes of the BBC and the Independent, has elected gay people, mixed race people, muslims and jews to represent us (the grassroots members) and UKIP in elections and, finally, voted for females by 80% of the vote in the leadership contest.


Despite that UKIP really is a mix of all kinds of people, the mainstream media of the left still try to allege that we are all bigots.  Indeed, in the General Election of 2015 my colleague, Andrew, was told that we were all racist and homophobic.  He had to point out that the candidate (me) was gay.  Andrew's brother is also gay.


Let's be clear, it is the membership that keeps electing all of these people to their positions, and it is the membership that keeps voting for them in the elections.  Kind of hard to fix together this homophobic, racist, sexist and nasty party with a party that keeps on voting for people that are not white, middle class, heterosexual men.  You won't ever see the Guardian/Independent/BBC apologising for smearing us in the ways that they have.


Politics is so different these days.  It is hugely exciting.  I am so excited to be a part of it.  It really is just exhilarating being a part of it all.  I love the cross party politics.  I love the EU referendum, and our eventual removal from the EU.  I love that the SNP is demanding a new independence referendum so that they can stay in the EU despite that polls consistently show they will lose.  I love how the UK is becoming better and better - though of course there is always a lot that needs to be done.


I love that Labour is killing itself.  Corbyn is a fantastic leader (see his interview with Owen Jones[12].)  His MPs hate him though.  He will win the leadership contest with a landslide - probably 75% - 80%.  His hard left group - Momentum - will take the party further and further left.  They will die in the polls right across the country.  I could not wish for anything better than if Corbyn was elected.  I loath Oily Smith, really cannot stand the man.  He would be popular with the electorate if leader, but his ideas show that he would wreck the country's economy.  Whichever wins I have no doubt that it will damage Labour massively.  I still cannot understand why they did not elect a decent leader.  Someone who has the family value public appeal and the hard work ethos.  I have always said that someone as popular as Lucy Powell (Manchester Central Labour/Co-op MP) would have ticked all of the boxes.  She's a great MP (she's mine) and she is really good in the positions she had (she was the education shadow minister until the mass resignations).  But, she's a female, so unlikely would have gotten the Labour vote.


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Finally, one of my real great interests, Grammar Schools, is in the news again.  Labour's shadow Cabinet is over-run with MPs that attended grammar schools and/or sent their kids to Grammar School or to independent schools.  They object to Grammar Schools because they are unfair (hence why they keep sending their kids to them).


Essentially, their view appears to be that unless Grammar Schools benefit everyone then they should not be allowed.  This is ridiculous.  In normal comprehensive schools there is always that 20% of kids that hate school and spend their entire time disrupting the schools.  This means that good kids, kids that really have the chance of succeeding, are held back because of being in the same classes as the kids that hate school.  Create a Grammar School that will be filled with just kids that are gifted, intelligent and want a future and suddenly Labour losses its mind.  Can't have kids succeeding, because if they succeed they will grow up and vote Conservative or UKIP.  That seems to me to be the reasoning behind this - they just want gifted kids to grow up and not succeed - who would vote labour if they did this?


My view is: create Grammar Schools for the best and create schools that offer education and training in real work for the others.  Going to school to learn to a plumber or mechanic (as examples) would have a huge impact on those kids that hate school.  Suddenly school would have a purpose and mean something to these kids.  It will allow them to create a future for themselves.  Let the brightest go on to educational success, and let the least bright go on to learn something that interests them and will help their futures.  i do not understand why this is such a difficult concept to grasp.  But Labour hates it.


And, obviously, we have Brexit.  Teresa May has made a great impact since becoming Prime Minister.  But she appears to be wavering on what Brexit will look like.  So, we have a good few years of fun and dramas.  And I am very thankful to be in the middle of it.  I love what is happening, and I see the future as being so great - and I hope that 2020 's General Election may even see me as an MP (!!!).






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