Blog 18: UKIP The Future Is Nearly Here

3 September 2016


So the leadership ballots are here.  People are screaming abuse at each other on Facebook and Twitter over not agreeing on who should be voted.  At least we don't have the problems that Labour has in its leadership.  Corbyn will be elected by a huge margin and Labour will be out of office for a decade.


It looks likely that Diane James will be elected as the leader of UKIP.  I think that Liz Jones and Bill Etheridge have run exceptional campaigns, and no matter what happens this should cement their futures in the party.  I personally was quite torn between voting Diane, Bill and Liz, because each has such good qualities to offer.  However, for various reasons I voted Diane.


Diane did an evening in Manchester so I was able to go along and ask her questions.  I have watched a lot of her interviews and I have seen her other speeches during the leadership contest.  I think she is very competent, she is not someone who will say things to get a reaction, nor do I think she will say the wrong thing.  I think that she is going to be attractive to a group of people that Nigel would never have been attractive to.  I thinks he is someone who will take the party forward and keep its core beliefs whilst allowing us to attract new members.


We have a long way to go.  I think we would be in trouble if we had to run a general election next year, but if I was Teresa May I absolutely would want there to be a GE next year.  Labour is in disarray.  UKIP is to an extent, and may be more so if there are ructions with our leadership result.  I know if Lisa Duffy gets elected a lot of people will walk away from the party - I suspect I would be one of them.


But, if things are done right, we can target labour members who are disaffected by the way the party is moving over into the hard left.  We have a huge potential way of moving into Labour strongholds up in the North.  I was really hoping Paul Nutall or Stephen Woolfe would get elected, because that would have made the North West an area that was important to the leader.  I just hope whoever gets elected still sees the North West as being very important.


I am most certainly up for taking the party forward.  Aside from Lisa Duffy I would be happy to do so under the leadership of Diane, Bill or Liz.  I think they can take this party into the future, and I am so excited about it.  I know that the grassroots of this party are an exceptional lot.  I also know that there are many people out there who would want to be part of this party if only we did not have reactionaries making shrill statements that sound racist or sound homophobic.  We need a calm measured future.  And I know that we can succeed and get MPs.  I just hope my brain tumour doesn't stop me being part of it.


Kalvin Chapman

UKIP Manchester



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