Blog 17: UKIP & The Future



So, here we are.  UKIP won the referendum.  We forced a Prime Minister to resign.  We saw May get elected as leader and Prime Minister.  May is a Remainer.  We looked like the future of UKIP was set.  Then Nigel Farage announced he was stepping down. Boris Johnson stepped down.  Michael Gove stood down.  Then Andrea Leadsome stood down.  I have to admit, I was pro Johnson and pro Leadsome.  I was gutted.


So the UKIP Leadership contest started.  It was almost automatic that Paul was going to win.  Then he stood down.  Steven Woolfe was then going to win. But he allegedly did not get his application in on time.  That I think is to be debated.


So, we had a UKIP leadership contest with the two leaders not standing.  Suzanne Evans was also barred form standing.  There is debate about whether she should.  I think, true or not, the threat to make public that she claimed Nigel was a wife beater was too toxic to ever let Suzanne win.


I am backing Diane James.  To be clear - I told Diane in June (on Twitter) that she should stand, so I am not jumping on any bandwagon. Today (28/08/2016) UKIP Manchester, which I am secretary of, announced that it is now backing Diane James.  We announced it on Twitter and on our website (see HERE).  She really has the plans to take the party forward.


I have to say, I personally was disgusted with the Lisa Duffy campaign.   When she first announced her team put about on Twitter that Steven Woolfe was not even a member of UKIP.  It was not true, but she has not had the decency to apologise for the lies.  She has run a very negative campaign.  It has centred upon her views of the shortcomings of other candidates.  She has been vile.  Did she not learn from the Remain campaign that other kippers absolutely HATE negative campaigning?  It proves what a half-wit she is.  And her public views on Islam has made her and UKIP sound like bigots.


I have really enjoyed the campaigns of both Liz Jones and Bill Etheridge. I thought Bill made a mistake by putting out a policy about the death sentence.  And Liz just has, for some reason, not been noticed outside of London.  She (and Bill) have been excellent candidates.  Both of them have shown that they really understand the grassroots.  Both of them have shown that they understand what we at the grassroots think.  Bill has a better chance than Liz, but both of them have been absolutely amazing.


The polling has shown that Diane James will win.  She truly has been amazing.  Bill and Liz should be given senior roles when Diane wins.  And she will.  I really hope that Diane does not give Lisa Duffy anything.  She is a vile cancer on the face of UKIP.  She would give UKIP a bad name and perpetuate the negative stereotypes of UKIP.


I was going to stand in the Manchester Mayoral race in 2017.  Unfortunately, I have been diagnosed with a huge brain tumour, so cannot.  My Chairman, Phil Eckersley, has instead put his name forward, so I will be backing him as best I can.


I see a very bright future for UKIPDiane James will be able to attract people to UKIP that no man would ever attract.  I hope that Diane really brings UKIP in the present and make us the next opposition party.  I am UKIP and I will continue to be UKIP.  I will support the next leader and hope that we push forward.  I really hope that the North west plays a big part in UKIP going forward.



UKIP Manchester Secretary








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