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On 5th May 2016 we go to the polls again.  I met Andrew Beaumont in February 2015.  He has been at the centre of the former Trafford UKIP branch, and now, since it was opened, the Stretford & Urmston UKIP branch,


Many people see Andrew and make a snap judgment.  Indeed, a Vicar last year thought he had not been heard when he said that: "The UKIP guy [me] has brought a body-guard".  Andrew is, admittedly, large.  Andrew used to be a sheriff.  Andrew has done many things.  But the one thing that always shocks people is how kind he is and how well read he is.  He really is well read, and very intelligent.


Andrew was accused last year of being a racist and homophobic by a regressive left person.  Literally, that could not be any further from the truth.  Andrew enthusiastically supported my candidacy last year and me being gay made no difference to a single person on the team.  Andrew welcomes anyone who would like to debate him on facts and policies, but rejects entirely the regressive left stance of just shouting "racist" at anyone they do not like.


One thing Andrew has said over and over again since I first met him is that he gets so frustrated by the state of politics in that every year (most years) people do the same thing they did last time and expect a different out-come.  It is literally the definition of madness and insanity.  It is also a quote from Albert Einstein.


Each year people that are poor and have a poor lot in life vote labour.  And what do they ever get from it?  What has Labour ever done for people?


I must admit, Jeremy Corbyn is one of the few exceptions, in that if he gets to be Prime Minister I genuinely think he would actually do things for poor people.


But what did the huge sweeping victory of Tony Blair[1] in 1997 do?  What did Blair do for poor people in the UK?


He opened the boarders[2]. The Telegraph article about it dated 2009 has the headline:


"Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser"


Large waves of poor people from across the world poured into the UK[3].  After 1998 people came in huge numbers.


And that had the unfortunate effect of keeping wages artificially low[4].  If you have a group of 40 people who do not mind spending a year in a cramped house sharing 12 to a room and working long slave hours in terrible conditions for less than the minimum wage but still going back to their country with enough money to buy a house, of course they will come to Britain to do this.  And paying less than minimum wage allows the Supermarkets keep costs down.  And you the consumer would rather buy an apple for 12p than 20p, so you will buy the produce that feeds into the system and the whole thing keeps happening and will not change.  When I was young you were expected to go fruit-picking during summer vacations at University.  You cannot do that now because teenagers expect to be paid the minimum wage.


Ben Broadbent, one of Threadneedle Street’s four deputy governors[4]:

During 2014, for example, it’s the fact that new jobs went to people with below-average qualifications and experience, and in lower-paid occupations, that depressed average pay growth."


Gordon Brown created a financial regulation framework[5] that was intended to help the banks and traders.  He ensured that the bankers were able to create a system which by 2008 caused a world-wide economic collapse[6].  He did not care, he was getting huge sums of money pouring into the Labour Party, his friends were getting richer and were getting their peerages[7].  It led to the Cash For Honours Scandal[8].


Not one person cared that in selling that PPI policy to the low income person would make it harder to repay the loan.  He did not care that by selling the Interest Rate Hedging Product to the SME business man would cause that business to fold.  Gordon Brown did not care.  Tony Blair did not care.


Labour ruined this country[9].  We are still in 2016 paying for their disgusting antics.  And we all know it was Labour that caused it[9].  We all know that Labour started selling off parts of the NHS to private business[10].  We know that they started selling off public assets under the failed PFI initiative that is damaging the NHS now and will really cause harm in 20 years' time[11].  We all know Labour ruined the educational system and University education systems[12].  We know that they created a benefits system that means that people who find themselves in the unfortunate position of being unemployed are screwed[13].  We all know that they sold off the country's wealth to benefit their friends[14].  We all know Blair lied to us[15].  We all know that Labour started dismantling legal aid so that poor people have no access to justice[16].


But people in huge numbers will still go out on 5 May 2016 and vote Labour.  Not because Labour has ever done anything for them.  Not because they expect Labour to do anything positive for them.  No; they vote because they have always done, as did their parents and grand-parents.


Last year and again this year we keep asking people to name what Labour ever did for them.  Usually they cannot name anything (and yes, Labour did actually do some good things).  Andrew will spell out in great detail the bad things that Labour did that caused pain to working class people.  People generally accept and admit that Labour screwed them over and did not help them.  But they will end the conversation by saying they will still vote Labour.  WHY?


There are so many things that UKIP can do if we get elected. Andrew Beaumont as a UKIP Council candidate will not have the UKIP Whip.  That means that he will be allowed to do for his constituents what is right for them regardless of what the party policy is.  Andrew has a lot of integrity and on 5 May 2016 hopes that you take heed of what Albert Einstein said, and this time vote for a refreshing alternative and Vote UKIP.  You can see the UKIP Manifesto HERE.


Andrew Beaumont is standing as the UKIP Candidate in the Urmston Ward in Trafford.  You can view the other parties and candidates below.  You can see the other Stretford & Urmston candidates here.







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