Tumour Blog 10

It has been bloody ages since I did an update.  It's been difficult because I have not not wanted to be putting out news that does not have positivity with it.  But it has been so long that I thought I should update now.


As usual, the problem is the NHS in Manchester is collapsing in on itself.  Don't worry, Labour are about to take over the NHS budget for Greater Manchester through the Greater Manchester Mayor Office.  When that happens they have to remove £2 billion from the £6 billion NHS budget, having already cut it from £8 billion to £6 billion.  When it goes from £6b down to £4 billion you can guarantee that the NHS will simply collapse and a lot of people will die.  I suspect that was the intention of George Osborne.  Give Greater Manchester the keys to the NHS budget knowing that it will collapse & Labour will get the blame for it.  But they forget that it's real people like me that they are using to make their political point scoring.  It really angers me.






















Anyway:  Youtube version of the update above.  Written version below.



So I had a new CT Scan.  The tumour in my eye orbit and the tumour from the eye to the brain (at my right temple) have shrunk.  Really shrunk.  It was amazing.  I would say the shrinkage is between 1/3 and 1/2.  Give it another 3 to 6 months and we will be near the end.


This shows you how amazing the people in the NHS are.  I had the CT scan on a Sunday (all urgent cases that cannot get done during the week now get done at the weekend) at about 3pm.  At 8pm my surgeon was on the telephone telling me what the scan showed!!  Amazing people.


The tumour that goes from the bottom of my eye and under the cheek bone across to the sinus unfortunately has not shrunk - it grew slightly.  That poses a big problem.  Why have the others shrunk when this has not?


So, I was referred to ENT who have a surgeon who can make the exceptionally difficult task of putting a camera up my nose to my tear duct, down a very small tunnel and into the tumour.  Sadly, he is the only one that can do it.  I was put at the top of the urgent list and have waited two months, though I was told it would happen on 22 February 2017 or two weeks after that (depends on what haematology said) but those dates came and went with no word from the hospital.  I had to put yet another complaint in just to get someone to look at why this was taking so long and why I can never get hold of anyone at the hospital.  It is now happening on 19 April 2017.


At first I have to say I was worried by this.  Not much has really worried me, but this did.  It could be something really bad.  Up to now things have gone relatively smoothly, save for the cock-ups with the NHS.  Is this what throws that into a tail-spin?  I just don't know.


So, I will update when I get the biopsy result.  This is why I kept not wanting to make an update - I would rather update when I know, but it has been such a long time that I thought I really must.  I woudl expect the results in early to mid May.







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