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Blog 1: Hello & Welcome




Firstly let me introduce myself.


I am the Chairman of the Stretford and Urmston Constituency UKIP branch. I have followed politics for some time and been an armchair supporter of UKIP since 2004. I disliked the direction the European Union (EU) was going and how the UK was been dragged into it .  I felt that UKIP was/is the only party being honest with us about it. I became more involved leading up to the last General Election and was part of the group which formed our branch after the campaign. I have since stood as a candidate in the last local elections (I am in the centre of the picture below during the Trafford Council Elections 2016) and campaigned in the EU Referendum. I am married with two grown up sons and three grandchildren, work in IT, I am a Christian, love running and I’m a season ticket holder at Stockport County.


About UKIP locally.


As a branch our mission is to grow support for UKIP in our constituency and the borough of Trafford. The north of the borough gains more support for Labour and the south, Conservatives, meaning we are working in a diverse area.


For a party with no political power we have had a lot of influence in recent years, from gaining the EU referendum, winning the Referendum and recently seeing the government wishing to implement some of our policies. Also despite some rather disappointing headlines regarding our leadership, membership and support is still holding up, as the recent Hartlepool Bi-election win shows. So as a small group in Trafford we take encouragement from this and continue with our mission.


We want to dispel the unsavoury myths the larger parties, media and some commentators spread and show that we are just normal people fed up with the way the country has been miss-managed over the recent decades and wanting to do something about it. Unfortunately these ‘attacks’ are continuing especially from the ‘Remain’ camp as they continue to ignore the wishes of the majority of the country. So it is important that we are about to dispel these ongoing scaremongering stories, and as a party continue to push for a proper Brexit.


As I’ve said we are just a group of normal people, very friendly and willing to chat about our views without prejudice. We meet monthly to discuss current affairs, local action and for a general get-together. If you would like to know more about us or meet up we would love to chat to you.


You can contact us through this Website or through our Facebook page.


UKIP Stretford & Urmston is a fully constituted branch of the UK Independence Party (UKIP).  Mike Bayley-Sanderson is the branch chairman.  All material on this part of the website is copyright UKIP Stretford & Urmston 2016/17.