Archived Blogs

Due to the way this website is structured, it makes things easier for its up-keep if I do not have too many sub-pages, so I will be moving blogs over to here when they are old.


The archived blogs are as follows:


14. 2016 Elections


13.  Zionism & the Lbaour Party. 

Blog 13: What is Zionism?


12. Definition of Stupidity - Doing The Same Over and Over & expecting a different result. Blog 12: Definition of Stupidity


11.  62 Days to the EU Referendum, so here are some questions & answers Blog11: EU referendum Questions


10.  Simon Danczuk & That £11,000 19/03/2016 Blog 10: Simon Danczuk


9.  The Ian Duncan Smith Resignation 19/03/2016 Blog 9 IDS


8.  The 1016 Recession 13/03/2016 Blog 8: 2016 Recession.


7.  The EU Referendum - why it is not a step into the unknown.  13/03/2016  Blog 7: EU Referendum


6.  Voter fraud & what you need to know.  05/12/2015:  Blog 6: Oldham


5.  The Syria Bombing Parliamentary vote. 02/12/2015 Blog 5: Syria Vote


4. The new Investigatory Powers Bill issued on 04/11/2015.  This better Get You Angry.

3. The Banking Collapse and How it Happened Collapse Of The Economy 2007/08


2.  Treasury Select Committee Investigates Cost of EU Membership.  Want to Know A Secret?


1.  Opening Blog: GE2015 Thoughts


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