2016 Council Elections

Andrew Beaumont for Urmston Ward



05/05/2016 Results: Andrew came third with 340 votes.

Andrew Beaumont was born and brought up in Urmston.  He was born in Cottage Hospital in Urmston.  Andrew is standing in the Urmston Ward elections on 5 May 2016 as the UKIP candidate, having gained 10.8% of the vote in 2015.  He describes himself as brought up a socialist with a father (formerly in the Royal Navy) who was in the trades' union movement.  Andrew considers the left of politics is wrong, the middle ground is not right and the right of center is about where he sits politically.    Andrew has supported UKIP for many years and believes that Labour have betrayed their historic roots, with Tony Blair's Government driving the last nail into that coffin.

Andrew is a local trader and has a significant interest in:


  • Politics
  • VAT rules being unfair to small traders, including himself
  • History
  • Treatment of SME businesses
  • The plight of the elderly in the days of austerity


Andrew was recently quoted in the Trafford Messenger, criticising the newly proposed Trafford Council and HIMOR Group partnership to develop 900 new homes in Carrington.  Andrew believes that the Council and the builders have paid far too little attention to the actual needs of the area and have paid far too much attention to the fast profit that is to be made.  HIMOR Group refused to tell Andrew what incentives they have been given by Trafford Council.  Kate Green, the Stretford & Urmston Labour MP, has praised the development and appears to have raised no concerns.  Indeed, when local residents wrote to Miss Green about it, she failed to respond, including concerns raised by someone who will lose the majority of their house value.


Andrew Beaumont is the Council Candidate for the Urmston ward.  Andrew stood for the Urmston ward in 2015, gaining 10.8% of the vote  Andrew will be standing as a UKIP candidate.  Andrew says this:


"I have lived here all of my life.  This area is my home.  The entire area of Trafford has been in the political ownership of Labour and Conservative since forever.  It is time that the locals had a refreshing alternative that will allow them to elect a local that has ideas that are outside of the "same old, same old".  Trafford Council has an unenviable task  putting into practice the "savings" imposed by the unfair Tory Government's austerity package.  I intend being the alternative view-point for locals.  I would be happy to meet with anyone.  I would be happy to debate the issues with local councillors.  But I will not compromise my ideals and I will not compromise my principles.  I think that is what the local people of Trafford, but more particularly Urmston, needs going into the future free of the EU."


In regards to the HIMOR Group development, Andrew thinks that far too little consideration has been given to the congestion that will be caused by the development and the almost total failure to consider how to develop the road system to cope with it.  Trafford generally and in and around Stretford & Urmston the roads are badly congested already.  If the council and its friendly builders are wishing to make that worse then real consideration must be given to fixing an already broken road system in and around the whole area.


Andrew also has real concerns with the air pollution in Stretford & Urmston.  The area's MP spoke about it in the hustings in the May 2015 General Election but seems to have done precious little about it since.  The air pollution is a real nightmare that all residents bring up in conversations with Andrew.  Why has Trafford Council and our MP done nothing about it?


Andrew is heavily critical of the political football between the Trafford Conservative and Labour parties.  He thinks that the local MP Kate Green does far too much PR and not enough fighting for the people of Trafford.  If for every ten photos she has in the Messenger she did one speech in Parliament the whole area might be better off. As that will not happen, Andrew believes that it is in the best interests of Trafford, and especially Stretford & Urmston, for UKIP councillors and an MP to be elected.  Kate green MP is the Shadow Minister for Equalities and Women, yet has nothing to do with the Women and Equalities select committee and had nothing to do with their recent ground breaking report on the gender pay gap.  What is it, exactly, that she does besides pose for photos in the Messenger?


If elected,  intends to make sure that the staus quo, self involved and self interested two party system is shaken to its core as a real and refreshing alternative jumps in to stop the Council from ignoring the people of Trafford and especially Urmston.


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