Greater Manchester

UKIP Greater Manchester has been growing steadily over the last decade.  In 2014 there was a huge break-through when the vote share for UKIP was substantially higher than ever before, electing a large number of MEPs.


In 2015 the polls were less friendly, predominantly due to the negative national press.  In 2016 we saw results in the Council elections increase or stay the same, with a few votes being lost to Labour in Trafford.  The 2017 General Election was a nightmare for UKIP and showed quite how substantially the party was letting down its grassroots supporters.  Thankfully under Henry Bolton we will reverse this and once again become a Party for the people.


In Manchester we saw most  council election candidates attain secon.  We will see things change soon, having had a disastrous 2017 General Election.  As to the regressive left who claim UKIP is homophobic and racist the two London assembly members are made up of an openly gay man and a black man.  Both stood in the recent UKIP Leadership election.


The biggest success in Greater Manchester is UKIP Bolton under the fantastic Chairmanship of Paul Richardson, one of the councillors on Bolton Council.  Hopefully 2018 will see some good results for him.


So, following the successes in 2015 and 2016 we saw disaster in 2017.  UKIP Greater Manchester has a lot to do.  If we make steady gains then by the 2022 General Election we will be on course to the election of the first UKIP Councillors and hopefully an MP or two.


If you live in Greater Manchester and would like to join, please contact this website and I would be happy to pass your details across to the relevant person.


I work with both the UKIP Stretford & Urmston branch as well as the UKIP Manchester Branch.


UKIP Manchester:


Charlestown [2015: 2nd 1,464 - 26.2%]

Turnout: 27.75% 2,814 votes

UKIP: 770 (2nd place with 27.36%)


Moston [2015: 2nd, 2001 - 31.37%]

Turnout: 30.28%, 3,352 votes

UKIP: 899 votes (2nd place with 26.82%)


Higher Blackley [2015: 2nd, 1,414 - 25.75%]

Turnout: 25.76% 2,681 votes

UKIP: 691 votes (2nd place with 25.77%)


Gorton North [no previous figures]

Turnout: 26.8% 2,857 votes

UKIP: 628 votes (2nd place with 21.98%) Nearly four times the votes of the conservatives


Sharston [2015: 2nd 1,128 - 20.45%]

Turnout: 23%, 2,660 votes

UKIP: 561 votes (2nd place with 21.1%)


Harpurhey [2015: 2nd - 1,283 - 23.1%]

Turnout: 23.5% 2,785 votes

UKIP: 552 votes (2nd place with 19.82%) almost three and a half times more votes than the conservatives.


And UKIP Trafford:


Bucklow-St Martins [No previous]

2,175 votes

UKIP: 290 (3rd Place with 13.33%)


Davyhulme West [2014: 3rd 557 - 17.8%]

3,062 votes

UKIP: 388 votes (3rd place with 12.67%)


Flixton [2014: 3rd - 610 - 16.5%]

3,559 votes

UKIP: 422 votes (3rd place with 11.86%)


Davyhulme East [2015: 3rd - 581 - 11.1%]

3,101 votes

UKIP: 321 votes (3rd place with 10.35%)


Gorse Hill [No previous]

2,672 Votes

UKIP: 261 votes (third place with 9.77%)


Urmston [2015: 3rd - 621 - 10.8%]

3,824 Votes

UKIP: 340 votes (3rd place with 8.89%)





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