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I am the Chairman of UKIP Manchester and the secretary of UKIP Greater Manchester.  I thoroughly enjoy both roles, and have made a lot of friends and had such an exhilarating time over the last 2 years.  I was also the secretary of UKIP Stretford & Urmston, which I have now passed on to allow a S&U member to take my place, as I live in Manchester.  I am still active in their branch though, and support them 100%.


I am also a commercial litigation solicitor, and live & work in central Manchester.  I primarily deal with claims by small and medium sized businesses against banks together all kinds of general commercial litigation (contract disputes, partnership disputes and any dispute of value).  It is hugely rewarding work, and I very much enjoy what I do for SME businesses that have been effectively ripped off by the Labour & Conservative Governments, then plundered by banks that are insolvent.  All views on this website are strictly mine as an individual, not mine as a solicitor working in his profession nor are they the official views of UKIP, UKIP Manchester or UKIP Greater Manchester.


I have a degree in law from King's College, London.  I really enjoyed my time at University.  I was late going to University due to various issues, plus I had to content with ill health (I suffered from a heart defect and had heart surgery which led to me getting a pacemaker.  I am now on my third pacemaker).  Getting into King's College, London was one of the most important and proud moments of my life.


I am dyslexic and dyspraxic, which I see as being a hugely beneficial aid when looked at in terms of what I can offer in litigation.  I was diagnosed with a significant tumour in my head (in my eye, my brain & in my sinus) on 9 August 2016.  It has been an unpleasant journey, and I have seen first hand how things in the NHS are going catastrophically wrong because of the decades of under funding, which then caused catastrophic failure with the on-set of Cameron/Osborn austerity measures.


In 2015 I stood as a parliamentary candidate for the Stretford & Urmston constituency.  I stood as the UKIP Candidate.  I increased our vote share from 1,508 votes in 2010 to 5,068 votes in 2015.  In 2017 I stood in the Manchester Central constituency (where I live) and did really badly, as did UKIP across the country.  I got 3.0%, significantly down on 2015.


I am Right-of-Centre in my politics.  I was brought up in a predominantly Labour environment, and supported Labour until 2002, by which time it was patently obvious that Blair was a narcissist that was in thrall to that evil moron Bush.  I went on students marches over tuition fees and the invasion of Iraq.  I personally believe that both Blair and Bush should stand trial as war criminals.


I started moving my politics to the right as I saw the damage that Labour & the identity politics was doing to the UK and continues to do.  However, I voted Lib Dem in 2010 (I could not bring myself to vote Labour or Conservative).  I believe the Lib Dems violated every single one of their voters in their time in the coalition government - though I also believe that no matter what had happened they would lose by being in Government with the Tories.


I originally saw UKIP as a single policy party that was on the far right.  For instance, the David Silvester débâcle just made UKIP look like idiots (though it should be noted he made the "Gay Floods" comment whilst a conservative councillor, before he moved to UKIP but why let facts get in the way of a good smear story?).  I think by 2013 onwards the party started developing into a more mature party with real policies that impact people in their every day life. UKIP became a real political party rather than a pressure group.  By 2014, when it won a massive victory in the EU elections (beating both Labour & Conservatives) the Party came in to its own and developed policies on a massive range of issues.  That is when I started seeing them as a party that I could trust.


In the Scottish referendum, I asked a friend why he was not standing as a politician, given his views on politics.  He flipped the questions round - why was I not standing if I felt so strongly about politics?  I agreed and contacted UKIP.  That is how I ended up standing as a parliamentary candidate in May 2015.  I believe the party has some way to go, but I truly believe it is the only party that can genuinely transform this country for the better.  If I feel as strongly as I do about politics, then I should stand up for what I believe.  There is only one party that represents what I think: UKIP.  I stood for the UKIP NEC in November 2016 because I am very much in favour of standing up and being counted.


In terms of where I stand, I agree with almost all UKIP policies.  I do not agree with its view on climate change despite that I agree with everything else they  say on Climate Policy, nor do I agree with UKIP's stance on fracking.  I am very opposed to fracking until we get evidence of safety and we get evidence that "safety" being arranged is not just a back-hander to the right person followed by the frackers wrecking the environment, which is what I think is and has happened.


I fell out with Labour by about 2001/02 because of what Blair was doing to this country. Gordon Brown allowed the Banks to literally rape and pillage anyone and anything they came across.  When you hear Labour say they did not cause the economic collapse, let me tell you - it is my job to look at the facts behind that, and it absolutely, categorically was the fault of Treasury (Gordon Brown) and BIS, together with failures at The Bank of England and the Financial Services Authority (and the statutory and regulatory framework behind them and the bank governance).  Never let anyone from Labour tell you otherwise, because they are either ignorant, lying to you or they are fools (or all three).


I thought that the greatest mistake Labour ever made was letting the Unions dictate to them who should be leader.  They chose Ed Milliband.  He was the cause of the embarrassing results in 2015.  Had they elected David Milliband, you would be currently living under the Labour Government and David Milliband, the Prime Minister.  But the Unions wanted something else.  And they got Ed.  What a pillock.  The best part of the election was watching Labour candidates wax lyrical about how great our Ed would be as PM.  Lol.  Not one of them believed it - but they tried to make you believe it because they only had him - David had said "F*ck you" and went to America.  They're all now desperate to get David back, but he is not coming back.  What is currently (August 2016) happening in Labour is a direct result of that, and they so richly deserve it.


I could not vote Conservative either.  As noted, I am right-of-centre, but the Conservatives are simply all about making the rich richer and ignoring us, the working classes of the North.  They do not care at all about the poor.  It also makes me laugh that since the election they have stolen so many UKIP policies, desperate to try and win back the UKIP members who defected from the Conservative party.  Tough.  For me, only UKIP looks out for the rich and the poor; we are the only party that will say we can't afford to pay £10 billion a year on foreign aid when we are having to borrow £100 billion a year just to get by.  Every other party says that is racism - we say it is just bloody common sense.


During the election I was accused of being homophobic, racist, xenophobic and anti-muslim.  To be clear - I am gay, I do not oppose people from any race or religion coming to this country and putting down roots here.  I do object to an open door policy (which Corbyn loves), and support the Australian style points system.  I am an atheist, so I will criticise every religion that has stupid or dangerous aspects to it - and that specifically includes Islam executing people for blasphemy (especially where the blasphemer is simply an old man with schizophrenia and who thinks he is the prophet Mohammed as a result) or the Catholic Church hiding paedophile priests whilst degrading gay people for getting married.  It is the same as I regularly denounce Saudi Arabia for its disgusting human rights violations and the sheer volume of state sponsored murders as a consequence of its religious rules.  The same as I criticise extremist christians in the USA that believe their religion should be used to dictate how other people get to live their lives.   None of that means that I am islamophobic or anti-religion.  I was brought up a catholic, am an atheist and believe everyone should live their lives as they want, so long as they do not impose it on others by dictatorial rules.


I will continue to work with the UKIP activists through-out Trafford, Manchester, Greater Manchester and the North West.


In my spare time I am photographer and more recently have increased my knowledge in and passion for video editing.  I also read, a lot.  My personal motto is Vita sine libris mors est (A life without books is death).





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