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2017: Episode 3: 2017 Milo Yiannopoulos & the Regressive Left

























Born Milo Hanrahan on 18 October 1984 in Kent, Milo is the son of a Jewish mother and Greek father, raised by his Mother & her second husband and his grandmother, with whom he lived.  He is as camp as a row of tents.  He is a journalist working for Breitbart news.  He makes statements designed to amuse and offend equally.


Milo is an enigma.  The press refer to him variously as a white supremacist (which is ridiculous) or an alt-righter[1].  Again, ridiculous, he often says he is not an alt-righter[2].


In December 2016 Milo announced his first book[3].  There was an immediate explosion in the SJW camp[4], but the publishers stood by Milo[5].


Milo has undertaken a college tour in the US.  Almost universally invited by the college Republican Party group.  And almost as universally the regressive left have had temper tantrums.


On 1 February 2017 Milo was to perform his grand-finale at UC Berkeley, the home of the free speech movement[6].  That free speech movement caused riots.  In keeping with their peaceful protest nature the regressive left simply tore Berkeley to pieces[7].


By causing a riot and ripping Berkeley to pieces the regressive left simply proved that they are absolutely against free speech, feel that they have the right to determine who may speak and who the students may listen to but they also gave Milo a huge new chapter in his book.  That will make the book an even better read.  They literally put money in Milo's pockets.  Idiots.


Up to 28 January 2017 Milo would average about 500 - 1,500 new subs on youtube a day.  He would garner some good videos views as a result - yes, that means he make more money[8].  Post riot, his subs and views simply went through the roof.  Yes, the regressive left not only made Milo money out of making his book a better read, they also gave Milo substantially more money through increased revenue and subs on his youtube channel.  What a set of planks.  From a few hundred, maybe 1,500, subs a day to 17,227.  You really have helped Milo out.


Here are some videos of the riots in Berkeley, California, in which regressive lefties demonstrate that it is unfair that a gay man has the wrong opinion




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