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2017: Episode 2: Stoke Central 05/02/107























This is Part 2 of the Stoke Central By-Election: Paul Nuttall (UKIP) v Gareth Snell (Labour)


And this is a video of Gareth Snell's Twitter feed.


























A week is a long time in politics.  Much longer if you're Gareth Snell.


So, I think a really good way to get off the ground is to produce a weekly look at Gareth Snell's Twitter feed.


However, there are so many this week I will just flash them up at the end of this video.  Stay & watch, they are amusing. [See bottom of this page or watch the above video]


So what has been happening in Stoke Central?


Well, UKIP are ahead.  Nationally the Conservatives have taken such a substantial lead[1] that no-one in Labour could possibly think they are going to be elected to Government any time this century - or at least any time in Corbyn's lifetime.  I suspect they are praying for him to open his eyes and walk away - he won't.  Guido also produces a poll showing Theresa May is 68 points ahead of Corbyn[2].  Yes.  68 points.


Guido also produced an article about Leave.EU polling in the Stoke Central constituency.  It shows the polling as[3][4]:


UKIP: 39%

Labour: 33%

Tory: 11%

LibDem: 10%



We always have to take polling with a pinch of salt - but rarely do we see a poll showing UKIP beating Labour in a Labour Majority constituency.  It may not have any effect on the final outcome, but equally it could make some people realise that their vote actually could make the difference.  If you have not done so, get out and help Paul in Stoke and if you live in Stoke Central, make damn sure everyone you know who is a Kipper or would consider voting UKIP are out in force and actually voting.  We did it on 23 June, we can do it on 23 February.


The hypocrisy of Labour continues.  The Guardian ran an article confirming that Labour is trying to get a pact with the Liberal Anti-democrats and the Green party[5].



This is what Gareth Snell has previously said:



He really is a hypocrite.


The candidate list has now been increased.  Not so sure I get the Monster Raving Loony Party candidate's name, but always love me some Monster Raving Loony Party.



So something bad did happen.  Michael Crick the roving reporter at Channel 4 went and looked up Paul Nuttall's nomination form.  Everyone knows that there are some substantial penalties for not being truthful on your nomination form.  Mr Crick went and looked at the address, in Stoke, that Paul had put on his nomination form.



It transpires that Paul had leased a property and was moving into it that night.



Crick, being the roving reporter that he is, asked the electoral Commission who said that when you put your "home address" you have to put the address you live in at the time of submitting it.


So, it looks like Paul may have committed an offence under section 65A Representation of the People's Act 1983 "False statements in nomination papers etc."


(1)A person is guilty of a corrupt practice if, in the case of any relevant election, he causes or permits to be included in a document delivered or otherwise furnished to a returning officer for use in connection with the election—

(a)a statement of the name or home address of a candidate at the election which he knows to be false in any particular; or

aa)(where the election is a parliamentary election) a statement under rule 6(5)(b) of Schedule 1 to this Act which he knows to be false in any particular;


So yes, there is a technical offense.  He put down an address he did not live at.  But he had leased the property and he was moving in to it.  As such, the chances are that the police and electoral commission will look at the meaning of the act.  Can the local authority and the constituents contact the candidate?  He lives there now, so the answer to that is yes.  As a consequence I do not believe it will go any further than that.  Clearly when Paul wins Labour will take it to the police and Paul is likely to get interviewed under caution.  Had he not leased the property then I would expect it to go further and there be a court case over a corrupt practice.  But it is not corrupt because he had leased it and he did move in.  So I do not think there is anything else that will happen.


Expect to hear a lot about it though.  Especially when Paul wins.  Labour will go mental.



So, that's where we are.  Paul appears to be ahead in the polls.  Nigel has been out campaigning.  UKIP is putting on free buses to get people from London out (though they have ignored those of us up north and especially the North East).  Chatty Man Gareth Snell is just awful.  He won't even go out campaigning because his job won't let him.  When have you ever heard of a trades union refusing to let someone go out campaigning?


There is also a lot of leaflets being put out by Hate Not Soap.  However, I will cover that in the next video, because I suspect that they are spending the money so Labour does not have to include it in their spending - but we have Labour councillors out delivering these leaflets - so we may have a bit of mystery to dig out on campaign spending.




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