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This website is intended to be a resource in regards to UKIP, politics, the EU Referendum, UKIP Stretford & Urmston and UKIP Manchester together with videos from my youtube channel Fork In Politics.

















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This website is  intended to provide information about UKIP Stretford & Urmston, UKIP Manchester and Kalvin Chapman and also the referendum (now showing in our archived pages) .  We all had a wonderful time working on the stalls and campaign for the EU Referendum held on 23 June 2016.  We won 52% to 48%.  There is still a lot to do in ensuring the UK does indeed leave the EU.



UKIP Stretford & Urmston


UKIP Stretford & Urmston fielded seven candidates in the May 2016 council elections (see here for council candidates' list).  We mainly achieved third places.  We have had a few people contact us to ask why no-one stood in the other two wards.  It is because it is sometimes difficult to persuade people to stand as paper candidates.  In 2018, at the next election, we intend being able to stand all nine wards and we expect Wythenshawe and Sale East to do likewise.


I was the secretary of Stretford & Urmston as well as their Parliamentary Candidate in the May 2015 General Election, coming third.


Our support base is quite small, but that support is loud and across the North West is one huge voice & growing.  We missed out on election in the May 2015 elections.  However, our demands for change were adhered to and a referendum on the EU has been agreed.


We may not have attained office (well, we did get the largest number of MEPs in 2014), but UKIP was legitimised in 2014 when we came first in the EU votes and came third in the North West for the votes in the General Election.


No longer is UKIP a single policy party.  No longer are we a party of fruitcakes and loons, as has been suggested.  Remember, Labour has had candidates since May 2015 arrested and sentenced for sexual offences, many including offences against children, for their North West candidates (see HERE).


UKIP is a party of people who care about the future of the North West and the candidates putting themselves forward and the activists standing behind them are committed.


And it has to be remembered, all parties have their nutjobs, which is why Mr Miliband was able to be elected to leadership when his brother was the only electable leadership candidate.  Labour's candidates list is filled with former BNP members and they have a seemingly irresistible urge to criminality.  So ignore what you read in the bias of the press, UKIP has some amazing candidates.


The candidates for the UKIP Stretford & Urmston are real northerners who care passionately about their area.  They each offer something unique and individual.  What is more important is that they each offer to bring to Trafford Council a credible alternative to the usual Conservatives and Labour candidates.


If you wish to join us or with to have a chat, contact this page and we would be happy to talk to you.  You can also join out Facebook page or catch us on Twitter.



UKIP Manchester


UKIP Manchester has Phil Eckersley as its Chairman, and I am its new secretary.  I still work with UKIP Stretford & Urmston, but have moved over to Manchester as that would allow me to stand in local council election.


UKIP Manchester has its own website now: www.ukipmanchester.com. This page is an additional resource for UKIP Manchester and is essentially my  way of saying what I would like to say.


UKIP Manchester was set up in the Summer of 2014.  It's annual membership is on the up.  However, we need more grassroots people to come and actively support the branch.  The next elections planned are for the Greater Manchester Mayoral race in May 2017 and then the local elections in 2018, 2019 and the General election of 2020.  We need money, we need members and we need you to be enthused with the future of UKIP North West.














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